writing prompts…

After too many years of barely writing, I got very rusty at it. And got very frustrated with my not-so-good efforts. I was – and am – The Gap personified. So in an effort to tone up my writing muscle, I started using daily prompts. These are the results.

(I’ve used prompts suggested by Writing Lesson of the Month Network, but sometimes the ideas come from elsewhere. I’ll link the sources where applicable.)

As always, these are my original works, crappy though some of them may be. If you steal, you’ll get the rusty hammer of justice on your head. Fair warning.

(These are lost because I let my domain/hosting for ordinarygoddess.net lapse. I’ll redo these soon. Who knows? Maybe they’ll turn out better than before. Prompts from Daily Writing Prompts.)

September 18, 2011: How often did you wear it? Write about a piece of clothing that was important to you at some time in your life.
September 19, 2011: What book or movie “blew your mind” when you first read or saw it? Write about that experience.

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