go out and…


I did this morning, before work. It was very tough for me, what with my guy suspending his candidacy last week and all and me having serious (albeit different) issues with both Obama and Clinton. I still marked up that ballot, though, because it’s important. And, as I thought, I didn’t make up my mind until I stared the ballot in the ink bubbles.

Go vote. It’s unbelievably important.

damn it!

This makes me a very sad girl.

John Edwards’ 2008 campaign is the first presidential campaign I’ve ever worked on, so it’s hitting me much harder than I realized it might. I really do believe that he’s the best person for the job. so to know that he’s not going to get the chance (at least, not this time) is very upsetting.

I don’t have a second choice, because I REALLY do not trust either Clinton or Obama. I would love to see either a woman or an African-American in the White House, but not these two. So I’m not sure how I’m going to vote on February 5th. I may still vote for Edwards, just because I believe in him so much and I’m so opposed to the current front runners. Or, just to be pissy, I may vote for Mike Gravel. He hasn’t dropped out yet, he’s on the primary ballot and I actually like a lot of what he has to say.

Still won’t be the same, though.

I’ll miss ya, John, I really will.

oh joy oh rapture…

So, I went to the doctor yesterday to see what this big red bump over my eyebrow is. This big red bump that is getting bigger and more painful every day since it first started developing on Friday afternoon.

It’s staph.

Oh joy.

I’ve got anti-biotics to help eradicate the buggers. It’s pretty itchy so I’m trying very hard not to scratch it. I even slept with gloves on last night so I wouldn’t scratch it in my sleep. And I’m practically attached to my little bottle of hand sanitizer to keep from spreading the bacteria, just in case. But damn, this thing is bugging the hell out of me.

Still, as I told HSTeacher last night, it’s probably a good thing that, if I was going to get staph, it showed up on my face. If it were on my back or my buttocks, where I can’t really see it or where I’m especially cushy, it would have taken longer for me to notice it and to get it treated. As it is, it was caught before things got really bad.

Doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about the location. The swelling is even a little bigger than it was yesterday and is putting pressure on my eye. If it hasn’t started improving by tomorrow, I’m going back to the doctor and seeing if I can get this thing lanced or something. Because I’d rather it not start messing with my vision. I just got these cute glasses and I ain’t giving them up.

starting to calm down just a tiny bit…

…some of the fires in Southern California, I mean.

Many of them are still ferociously blazing, unfortunately: the worst of them in San Diego County, for instance. But apparently the winds are finally starting to die down in L.A County, allowing the firefighters to start to get an upper hand.

Many have said this, but it’s true: this is the worst fire season that I’ve ever seen. I’ve lived in Southern California since 1977 and many fire seasons have come and gone, but so many fires simultaneously springing up over such a wide area is unheard of in my recollection. When I first heard about how broad an expanse the various fires covered, my first thoughts were arson. It looks like that may be the case in several of the fires. These are the sorts of people who need to be strung up by their most sensitive body parts and left alive for a very long time.

No one I know has yet been affected, which is of the good, but I still feel for everyone who’s been affected. If y’all want to help out and haven’t done so yet, please do.


On a less positive (and far more cynical) note, while I’m happy that the folks in San Diego County who are being displaced have found shelter at Qualcomm – amongst other refuges – I am furious that this sort of coordination and level of help wasn’t available to the folks profoundly affected by Katrina. Granted, part of it is that the head of FEMA in 2005 was an idiot who didn’t have the first clue of how to organize a sock drawer, let alone such a vitally important federal emergency agency. The current FEMA chief comes from an emergency response background and shows signs of competence that is stunning for anyone appointed by Bush and Buddies.

However, that doesn’t excuse the continuing lack of attention paid by the federal government to the fine folks in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. There’s no reason why ALL the federal attention is going to the displaced in Southern California and none is being diverted to NO. Well, no good reason. The only other thing I come up with – besides FEMA being run by someone who knows a thing or two about fires – is that the areas hardest hit by the fires are in northern San Diego County. And if’n ya know anything that area, you know that the residents are, for the most part, rich, white and Republican.

Cynical? Perhaps. But being “governed” by those currently in the Executive Branch has engendered a definite cynicism where none previously existed. Besides which, I, like many others, have seen how this administration caters to the wealthy and Republican. It’s certainly not beyond the realm of probability. It would also explain why the only people really doing anything to help the Katrina-ravaged areas are those who live there. People who, for the most part, are not rich, are not Republicans, and are less white per capita than the population of NE San Diego.

Again, I am happy that the displaced have got quality shelter. But the federal government still needs to turn their attention back to the Gulf Coast.

We’re ALL American citizens, Bush and Co. Don’t you dare forget it again.

grrrr. arrrgh.

I’m really into clothes and fashion. Not so much that I can name designers, mind you, but I tend to know what’s in, what’s out and what’ll look good on someone. There are numerous times I see people walking down the street and I really want to take them by the hands and show them how to shop for clothes that are current and suitable for their coloring and build. You know, like they do in the opening credits for What Not To Wear. At the very least, I think, “Did you dress in the dark this morning?” Because sometimes I see some truly heinous outfits.

Well, this morning, I not only must have dressed in the dark, but I may have even had my eyes closed. It’s the only reason I can think of for what I ended up wearing to work today.

See, it all started with these pants:

Yes, they’re verging on golf pants, but they’re still subtle enough so that they’re not very loud. And I like the pinkish and reddish stripes that run throughout the fabric. So much so that I thought I’d pair it with a shirt of this color:

Thing, I almost always wear that top with this top over it:

The colors are close enough that it usually looks good.

Except today, when I realized, after I was well on my way to work, that this is the predominant clothing combo that people would see:

That? Is just hideous. Too much pattern and too many colors. And to top (or bottom) it all off, I went with these shoes:

Which are very nice shoes, but so don’t work with the entire ensemble.

Good thing I’m not a celebrity. The ladies from Go Fug Yourself would be on me faster than Lindsay Lohan on would be on the Really Bad Idea Express.


It’s now 2:01 pm.  Today has been so busy that I wasn’t able to look at Go Fug Yourself until two minutes ago.


Y’all, that just ain’t right. GFY is my morning crack, right up there with Whatever and my regular webcomics.

The nerve…

i’m afraid of the internet…

…because I know Harry Potter spoilers abound.

I’ve just reread Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince in anticipation of the Order of the Phoenix movie (which I saw last weekend – warning: do NOT reread the book right before seeing the movie – no matter how good the movie might be, it’ll only pale in comparison) and Deathly Hallows (there may or may not be spoilers on this Barnes and Noble link – I don’t know and I don’t want to know – click at your own risk). Unfortunately, I can’t afford the latest book for a couple of weeks, thanks to various unexpected expenses, which means that every time I bring up Firefox, I risk stumbling across spoilers. Especially since pretty much everyone who’s a Potter fan pre-ordered the book, received it on Saturday at 12:01am and had it read by 5am, even though the book is eleventy thousand pages and weighs thirty pounds, because Potter books are notoriously fast reads.

As early as Thursday some dickweed posted spoilers on my beloved LOLTheorists without marking it as spoilers at the top of the entry or hiding it behind the jump. As soon as I saw two words that were Potter-related, I whisked myself away tout suite, but it was a close thing and, soon enough, someone took down the offending entry.

But now… Now that the entire universe – aside from me – has read the last Harry Potter book, my fear of the internet has reared its ugly head.

Someone hold me…

(PS – Please don’t do this to me. I WILL beat you down.)

quiz so clean you could eat off it…

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* dead (2x)
* sex (1x)

Mingle2Online Dating

For fuck’s sake. That’s bullshit.

(Maybe I should have written about Goatse double-penetration felch hentai. Yeesh.)

(Words of warning: if you don’t know what those words mean, DO NOT look them up. Trust me on this. BTW, I’m not about to tell you how many of those words I had to look up and which ones I already knew. Sorry.)

(Update: after publishing the above, I tried the quiz again:
Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* dead (3x)
* fucking (2x)
* ass (1x)

Mingle2Online Dating

None of the flag words appeared in this entry. “Fucking” was the closest.

Quiz is whacked.)

cuttin’ back…

…on the alcohol, that is.

I’ve never been a big drinker. I can, and have, gone months without alcohol. I’ll go through phases where I’m having a few drinks every weekend, with a few times where I move beyond slight tipsyness into damn-I’m-drunk, then I’ll go back to my barely drinking habits. Not that barely drinking is a conscious decision. I just don’t drink if I don’t feel like it and there are many times I don’t feel like it.

However, ever since my health sent me on a merry chase, finally settling into a slight anxiety disorder, my once high tolerance to alcohol has disappeared. On top of that, once I start feeling the least little bit tipsy (on the second drink, usually) I start to panic because the feeling brings back memories of my episodes. Only once have I been able to push past that and get a good drunk on, back on New Year’s Eve.

Oddly enough, even taking Ativan for my anxiety brings on the anxious, because sometimes it makes me feel a little floaty, which, yes, brings back episode memories and, thusly, the anxiety. I go to the Ativan well rarely (I think I’ve taken five or six doses since it was prescribed in January) , so it’s not as if I’m going to the floaty every day. But it’s distressing that the very thing that’s supposed to keep the anxiety at bay is contributing to it.

This is getting very annoying…