international human rights day

Today is International Human Rights Day. If you believe in human and civil rights for ALL people, do what you can to invalidate Prop. 8. Or else talented folks are going to keep making fun of you:

Also today:

It’s an interesting concept, and I see what the organizers are trying to accomplish, but after reading bstewart’s take on Day Without A Gay, I opted to go into work today, because I happen to agree with him. I will still not purchase anything today, and I am researching volunteer work for this weekend (my lack of car is a bit of a detriment for volunteering anywhere in the city in the evenings).  I will also be participating in Light Up the Night for Equality on December 20th.

Also, I’m wearing my white marriage equality bracelet (which I wear nearly every day as it is) and I’ve put together a little poster for work (which is easily seen by anyone who walks by my cubicle):

As you can see, CuteFilmNerd thinks it’s important for people to see my display.  Because we are both ardent believers in equality for ALL humans.

i’m not one…

…but I’m glad they are:

more about “i’m not one…“, posted with vodpod

This is both one of the saddest and most hopeful videos I’ve ever seen.

(H/t to bstewart)

gettin’ back in the groove…

I haven’t written much about politics in a while. Mainly because I was freaking burned out. I did a lot of work for the Edwards campaign and his dropping out – followed soon thereafter by the breakup with HSTeacher and a financial crisis (which I’m still recovering from) – ensured that I just didn’t have the energy or desire to do any real work in the political arena. As it was, the only reason I didn’t bow out of being Tech Chair for SoCal Grassroots was that it was right before the new term started and I didn’t feel right abandoning them without anyone to work on the tech side of things. And the only reason I did work for US Tour of Duty was because I was getting paid to do so, even though I totally believe in what the organization is all about.

Of course, after Edwards dropped out, folks were asking me who I supported: Clinton or Obama. Because, apparently, it’s critical that I support someone before the convention in August. Some of the questioners were surprised by my answer: a pox on both their houses. The nominee will get my vote in November and that’s it.

Yeah, I was freaking bitter. And not in a mental or emotional position to seriously entertain switching my allegiances, even though my main guy was no longer in the race.

I’m feeling less bitter these days and have revised my outlook slightly. I’m still not going to do any work for either of the leading candidates, because I still have serious issues with both of them and neither has convinced me that he/she would be better than the other.


After the nominee is finally chosen, I will work on her/his behalf. I really, REALLY don’t want McCain to get into office and will do whatever I can to keep that from happening. And not just because he’s the Republican nominee. I’ve never trusted him, quite frankly, and have never bought his “Straight Talk” schtick. While I’ll admit that he’s reached across the aisle more than other legislators on the right, I don’t think he would make a good president and, more likely than not, would get us even further embroiled in wars and sticky situations that we have no business being in. I also think that either Obama or Clinton would make a better president.

I’ll be attending a few political events over the course of April, including one tomorrow night, and am looking forward to it. Actually, this month is getting so chock full of social events that I finally signed onto Google calendar, so that I wouldn’t double book myself. As it is, on the week of my birthday I’ve got something going on every night.

I think I’m starting to find my political groove again…

must see…

I saw this trailer yesterday when CuteFilmNerd and I met Stan and friends at the Nuart to watch The Unforeseen (which y’all also have to see). If the trailer doesn’t move you, you might want to look into having a heart replacement.
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Body of War: Official Site

3/18/08 – Edited to add something that I had put in yesterday, but apparently didn’t make the final cut of the entry (as I was rushing and didn’t really look at the result): meeting Stan? Most excellent. We didn’t get a chance to talk much, but he’s just as cool in real life as he is on his blog. And he’s got an excellent speaking voice.



go out and…


I did this morning, before work. It was very tough for me, what with my guy suspending his candidacy last week and all and me having serious (albeit different) issues with both Obama and Clinton. I still marked up that ballot, though, because it’s important. And, as I thought, I didn’t make up my mind until I stared the ballot in the ink bubbles.

Go vote. It’s unbelievably important.

new website gig…

Thanks to MusicianMan, I got myself a new website gig: US Tour of Duty. I didn’t design it, but starting last week I migrated the hosting over to a new company, updated the information and bullshitted (bullshat?) my way through altering a couple of graphics. Not bad, considering I am in no way a graphic artist. And it looks like I’ll be the main maintenance person. Whee! Even better? I’m getting paid. Double whee! It’s not much – since it’s a grassroots operation, I don’t like to charge a lot, especially when I believe in the work. But it’s enough for a little extra money, which is always helpful, and definitely more than I’m getting paid for the other sites I maintain on a volunteer basis.

So that make three websites of which I am the maintenance person: SoCal Grassroots, LA4Edwards and US Tour of Duty. All very worthy organizations, if I do say so myself.

if i can’t have jon…

…at least I can have this:

Riterz is smrt and funee.

Tip o’ the hat to John Scalzi from his Ficlets blog.

hanging out with the strikers…

On Friday I ended up bussing it to Culver City to join the strikers at the Fox Studios. I didn’t get there until around 11:30am and pretty much kept to myself – I was in a shy kinda mood. though I did run into stee very briefly as things were starting to wrap up. Plus I was just getting used to my new glasses that I picked up that morning, so the world was a little off-kilter. Still, it was really cool being there, hanging out and taking pictures. There were easily 2,000-3,000 people there and I got tons of photos. Here are just a few:

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For those worried about those blank pages in the scripts.

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Keeping the strikers’ spirits up. (I actually took this near the end of the event – I didn’t hear them playing during my time there.)

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Not long after the start of the marching portion of the day, as the strikers’ marched up and down Avenue of the Stars. Demetri Martin is the fellow in the white t-shirt in the front.

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Brian Posehn talking with his fellow strikers. Heaven help me, I used to watch Just Shoot Me! back in the day, even though I rarely laughed at it and didn’t like it much. Except when Brian Posehn was on. I like Brian Posehn. Too bad he’s on The Sarah Silverman Program now. I do not like Sarah Silverman.

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Near the end of the event – very intense discussions going on in the crowd.

And now for the Cutest Picture Ever:
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I mean, I know the baby’s parents put her on the pile o’ signs to get attention – it’s pretty damned obvious. But this baby was all levels of photogenic ham (“Where’s mah contract?!”). And damned if my ovaries didn’t do their own little dance at this way too adorable baby. Why, they’re zinging now! Damned ovaries.


In other news, yes, I did get new glasses. And they look so cute and even a little hip and funky:
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I never thought I would look good in funky frames – nice to know I was wrong about that!

However, if you look very closely, you may notice a bit of redness above my left eyebrow (which is on the right side of the photo). That redness looks more like this:
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Yep, it’s red and swollen. I have no idea where it came from. I have not been hitting my head against walls or banging boards against it. It just popped up out of nowhere on Friday evening, along with a less noticeable, but equally painful, swelling in front and behind my left ear. I suspect I have a bit of an infection brewing, but I’ll know for sure after I go to the doctor a little later today. Because bumps located above my eye that get bigger and more tender each day? Not really the norm for me.

If I’da known that my warranty was going to expire once I hit 40, I would have talked to the manufacturer about buying an extended warranty. Because this totally sucks.

thank you, teddi…

Yesterday morning Teddi Winograd passed away in her Beverly Hills home from cancer, her family by her side. She was 87.

I may not have mentioned Teddi in these pages before, and to be honest, I didn’t know her all that well. I worked for her daughter Marcy last year, when Marcy ran for Congress against Jane Harman. It was through Marcy that I met Teddi and attended several events and meetings in her home. She always impressed me as being kind, warm and generous, welcoming to all who entered her home. She seemed to be strong of heart and mind, didn’t suffer fools gladly and was fiercely devoted to her family.

She was also quite the activist, sure to be on the front lines and in the front rows of numerous protests and progressive events, many of those events in her own home. Her convictions drove her to fight for peace and justice and the real American Way.

I didn’t know Teddi well, but I was amongst those who could count themselves as lucky for knowing her at all.

Thank you for your hard work, your graciousness and your positive energy, Teddi. You will be missed by many.

Teddi Winograd: The “Maternal Heart” of Progressive Democrats