sexy liberals rawk!

Pretty much every weekday morning for the last five years I’ve listened to The Stephanie Miller Show as I’m getting ready for and commuting into work. Her particular brand of political analysis (with fart jokes) is both highly entertaining and rather informative – just the way I need my political analysis. Especially since the entertaining parts of the show keep me from driving my car off a bridge when considering the political parts of the show.

Back in May they announced that Stephanie and her mooks would be bringing their Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour to their homebase of Los Angeles. My ears perked up and I thought, I must see this! So I checked with RockerChick to see if she’d like to join me, since one of the performers would be Hal Sparks and I knew she loved her some Hal (they had even met once and she said he was funnier than hell, super cute and very sweet). She jumped on the chance (and probably would’ve jumped on Hal, had the opportunity arisen), whereupon I quickly procured tickets for us about two days after they went on sale. Which, it turns out, was none too soon, as the show sold out in five days. And they had to add a second show. Since I was rapidly developing a harmless little crush on Ecclesiastical Mook John Fugelsang (he of The Unholy Experiment that I wrote about last month), I too was eager to see it. Especially if there was an appearance by show producer Chris Lavoie (I mean, look at that picture on that site – a hot smart sexy liberal in a NASA t-shirt – rowr!).

For the last five months I’ve been holding onto those tickets. Well, not literally, as that would have been vastly impractical and my eager sweaty palms would’ve rubbed all the ink off of them. But they’ve been sitting up on my home office area’s bulletin board.

Finally last night I was able to take them down and use them. For last night – after a delivery dinner of excellent vegan thai food – RockerChick and I made our way west and joined hundreds of other sexy liberals at the fabulous Wadsworth Theater (where I had seen Patrick Stewart perform A Christmas Carol over twenty years before) and enjoyed an evening of political humor and nary a fart joke to be heard. Though there were many jokes of a sexual nature, Ms. Stephanie Louise Miller. (Cue phony exasperated sigh.) Joining them were show cast Chris Lavoie (swoon), Voice Deity Jim Ward and associate producer Rebekah Taylor. And there was a special guest star: Rob Reiner.

And yes, I was able to take photos from my balcony seat, though I opted to not use a flash as I didn’t want to disturb my fellow sexy liberals.

As they signed off, they said they’d be back in town next year. If all continues to go well with HotScienceGuy, maybe I should take him…

Sexy Liberal Tour - John Fugelsang, Stephanie Miller and Hal Sparks
Sexy Liberal Tour - John Fugelsang, Stephanie Miller and Hal Sparks

Hal Sparks and Stephanie Miller demonstrate teabagging while Ecclesiastical Mook John Fugelsang prays for their souls.
Hal Sparks and Stephanie Miller demonstrate teabagging while Ecclesiastical Mook John Fugelsang prays for their souls.

it’s almost here…

…the Rapture, I mean.

After Harold Camping epically failed in his prediction of a May 21st Doomsday, he hastily amended the Rapture date to October 21st.


For those of you who aren’t Raptured to stand with Teh Lawrd, you can expect this helpful little card to be Left Behind with you:

I’m pretty sure that I’ll receive such a card, as I am a heathen sinner who, while not a scientist, works for a scientific organization and believes whole-heartedly in science. Oh, and since I’ve started seeing a sinning atheist scientist (and trust me, HotScienceGuy is a hell of a…sinner – one of the best…sinners I’ve ever known – rowr), that means he’ll be Left Behind too! Yay! Along with all the fun and interesting people.

See y’all back here in a few days!

(H/T to Janiece’s awesome Sister from Another Mister Mechanicky Gal – who was the Hostess with the Mostest a couple of years ago.)

the unholy experiment…

Due to a heat wave, very little walking was done this weekend. I walked to CuteFilmNerd’s place Saturday morning (he lives a little over a mile from me), with the intent of us walking to a nearish-by bagel place we’ve walked to before, but the heat did me in during that initial short walk, so we ended up driving to a little vegetarian-friendly cafe for lunch (which I love and he just likes – it’s mostly vegetarian except for the use of tuna and are very vegan friendly). Halfway through our meal an attractive, tallish gentleman walked in and set up within my line of sight. There was something very familiar about him, though it was awhile before I saw his face, which confirmed my initial impression: the lovely and talented John Fugelsang had entered the cafe. Which was very interesting because, not only am I a fan of him from his Friday stints on The Stephanie Miller Show, but CuteFilmNerd and I were scheduled to attend an evening of comedy and spoken word that he was hosting that night. I thought about saying hi, but by that time he was obviously on the phone and I didn’t want to disturb him, though I did sneak a photo:

So off we went, me to my place and CFN to his. Upon checking my Facebook page, I noticed that the evening’s event venue had changed…to my neighborhood. Yay! Although I wondered aloud (aka on the Facebook event page) if Mr. Fugelsang were staking me. His response? A private message asking why I hadn’t said hi in the cafe. Aaawww! I explained my not wanting to disturb his phone conversation and me being a little on the shy side, but promised to say hi that evening. And I did. A very nice, intelligent and way too pretty and funny for one person is John Fugelsang. And I managed to sneak a few photos of the very fun event with the myTouch rather than either of my cameras as I didn’t want to disturb the performers:

The host with the most, John Fugelsang.
The host with the most, John Fugelsang.

Comedian/writer Richard Chassler.
Comedian/writer Richard Chassler.

Kelly Carlin, daughter of the inestimable George Carlin and an excellent writer/performer in her own right.
Kelly Carlin, daughter of the inestimable George Carlin and an excellent writer/performer in her own right.

John Fugelsang and Emmy Award Winner Voice Deity Jim Ward (whom I'm familiar with from Stephanie Miller Show).
John Fugelsang and Emmy Award Winner Voice Deity Jim Ward (whom I'm familiar with from Stephanie Miller Show).

Spoken Word Artist Lisa Thayer.
Spoken Word Artist Lisa Thayer.

(These were the best photos. Pictures of all of the performers can be found here.)

However, Saturday night’s event wasn’t the only unholy experiment happening in the World of Carol. Early Monday morning I was invited to a sooper sekrit vegan tasting event put on by the amazing Doomie’s Home Cookin’, which was a first for me, as I’m never invited to sooper sekrit tasting events of any kind.

I’ve been a fan of Doomie’s food for quite a while and, like most of their fans, was very sad when an electrical fire in the kitchen shuttered the restaurant for a little over two months. They’ve been working hard to get it up and running again and many in the vegan community stepped up to help them out, including yours truly. I wasn’t able to do a ton of work, but I was able to help out a couple of times with cleaning and curtains and such and, to reward those who helped out, the fine proprietors invited us to partake their yummy comfort food. They were actually training the new staff on the plating of the food, with the intent of going through the entire menu, but after several hours and many courses of family style service, we cried uncle, as our tummies could hold no more. It was another fun evening of good food and good company, with many of us officially meeting for the first time, though we’d seen each other in passing throughout the cleaning. I’m so glad I didn’t have to do overtime last night after all.

Amazing food and amazing company. And too full tummies.
Amazing food and amazing company. And too full tummies.

How was that an unholy experiment, you ask? Because trying to stuff that much food into the human stomach, no matter how elastic or how few bites per course taken, must surely be the work of Satan. I think I’m still full.

my wanderings on the interwebs…

…often cause me to think like this:

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

From I Has A Hot Dog, a daily online stop of mine.

hey there, neighbor!

Say, friend, are you tired of those pesky Jesusphiles knocking on your door, asking you if you’re ready for the end of the world? Are you just too damned polite (or half asleep) to slam the door in their faces, but you want them to leave with more than your usual mumbled, ‘Sorry, not interested.”? Do you wish they would just never darken your door again?

Well, friend, have I got just the thing for you! Head on over to Stonekettle Station! Jim will set you up with just the perfect thing to get rid of the nosy Jesus freak in your neighborhood!

Me: “End of the World? What are you selling, bomb shelter plans?”

Woman: “Ahh ha ha, bomb shelter pla… No what I’d like…

Me: “Cause I could use me some good underground bomb shelter plans.”

Woman: “No, I…”

Me: “Does your shelter plan have a place to store food and guns? Lots and lots of guns? Because when the Zombie Apocalypse comes you’re going to need lots of guns…big ones. Are you selling guns?”

Woman: “I, uh…zombies?”

That’s right! Stonekettle Station has just the brush-off you’re looking for!

(Easy payment plans for all. Free delivery for residents of Alaska.)

Just remember to make a left at Albuquerque for the best deals in verbally drop kicking your local door-to-door religious nuts – at Stonekettle Station!

six states…

…will burn in hell.

At least according to opponents of marriage equality.

Of course we all want to know where these bigoted opponents are going with their arguments before we enter into discussions with them. Thankfully Patrick Farley has created a helpful flow chart to give us a heads up on the genesis (and exodus) of the straightforward anti-marriage-equality “logic.” (Which doesn’t resemble Earth logic.)


(H/T to the newly West-Coasted bstewart.)

be my echo…

I think we need a little cheering up around this place. Who better than the inimitable Madeline Kahn and Grover?

Tomorrow I’ll be headed south to San Diego, where I will finally be meeting two of the fantabulous UCF Trollops, Janiece and Anne, along with Janiece’s friend (and frequent commenter to her blog) Mechanicky Girl. We’ll be doing girly stuff like drinking alcohol, swearing up a blue streak (hey, with two Navy vets and a Navy brat along for the ride, what d’ya expect?), eating excellent Mexican food and getting into bar brawls on the waterfront. With a little spa time thrown in for good measure.

I am very much looking forward to it. Yea!

that’s what up there…

…married gay people! And they’re doing all this!

If you want to help build the Giant Gay Repellent Umbrella, go to Because the storm is getting worser and worser. And wind chill will definitely be a factor, so bundle up.

(Someday I will post real content. Probably.)

any time’s a good time for walken…

This may be a few years old, and already widely distributed (and popular), but any time’s a good time for a little Walken:
Watch more Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars videos on AOL Video