I’ve had people look at my pictures and say that I look like a totally different person in each one. You be the judge:

From my ancient MySpace page – ’cause I’m lazy like that:

About me

Oh geez, what to say? Well, how about that I’m in love with life, animals and (most) people? At least the ones that don’t suck. I can be a little shy and quiet when first meeting people, especially in groups, but soon enough I’ll be so talkative that those self-same people wonder why they ever thought I was shy and quiet. Then they’ll probably gag me to shut me the hell up. I love to laugh and to make others laugh. Even if it means looking like a complete and total fool.

I’m a vegetarian geek-wannabe lacking in the technical knowledge or comprehension to be a true geek. I know just enough about life and people to know that I don’t know a damn thing and there’s tons more to learn. My friends say that, with my voice, I’d be a great phone sex operator, but I know I’d never stop laughing long enough to make any money at it. Shame.I love outdoorsy things, such as hiking (slowly), swimming (badly) and bicycling (as long as the hills are gentle), but I’m hopelessly bad at most sports. Doesn’t mean I won’t give them a try, though. I love playing softball and volleyball, but I haven’t played either in a long time. For some reason the people I’ve played with actually wanted to win. Silly people. I’m better at basketball than I used to be, but I still won’t be on the Lakers any time soon. I once thought the Clippers were scouting me out, though now that they’re actually good, maybe not.

I tend to call all of my friends “sweetie” or “dear” or “hon” or “darlin'”. Must have been the years spent in Virginia and Florida. And I’m really just a sweet lil’ putty-tat.

Who I’d like to meet:

Be funny. Be smart. Be compassionate. Be creative. Be cute (which could and does mean anything to me). Be interesting. Be interested in learning new stuff. Be interested in the world at large. Be quirky. Be warm. Be affectionate. Be kind. Be polite. Be open-minded. Be honest. Be in it for the long haul. Embrace your inner weirdo or nerd or geek (not that I think being a nerd or a geek is weird or being weird is geeky or nerdy – I just love all three – nerds and geeks and relatively harmless weirdos are the people that make life interesting and fun). Try to be a better person. Don’t beat yourself up about the person you are. Love yourself. Love sex. Love animals (just don’t loooove animals). Love children (though if you loooove children I will beat you about the head with a rusty spade and give you over to the cops – fair warning). Love people. Love to laugh. Love life.

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