fair winds and following seas, dr. phil

Largest meat-up of UCFers: Chicon 2012 – Chicago. Dr. Phil is the GRRM look-alike on the far left. We’re a klassy group.

Many moons ago, in an internet far, far away, I was fortunate to become friends with an amazing group of people. Known as the Union of Collaborating Founders (UCF, for short), we’ve been close friends for a long time, many of us meeting in real life over the years.

Yesterday afternoon, one of our original founding members passed away. Philip Edward Kaldon – best known as Dr. Phil to everyone, long before that other Dr. Phil came along – was a physicist, sci-fi writer, professor, photographer, humorist, and all-around excellent human being. He joins his sister and fellow UCFer Wendy, who passed away nearly five years ago (and in whose memory the above meeting was arranged).

Dr. Phil is survived by his wonderful and amazing wife and companion of 32 years, Debbie. We love you, Debbie, and we are with you in spirit. He will be deeply missed by all.

Fair winds and following seas, my dear friend. This earth just won’t be the same without you.

Dr Phil
Photo by Al Bogdan.
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