writing again?

How do I do this again?

I haven’t updated in over a year, but I’m not going to spend this blog entry catching up on everything. Too much has happened – much of it good, some of it bad – and playing catch up isn’t appealing to me right now.

However, I’ve rediscovered my interest in writing. I’ve even got ideas about two one-act plays that I’d like to submit to Sci-Fest LA for 2016.

And I’m terrified to write the plays.

I’ve done the basic synopses. I’ve plugged in questions to address. I’ve done research on the subjects in question.

But when it’s time to actually write the damned thing…I freeze up.


I think it might be because I’ve never written a play before.

I mean, I have tons of experience with plays. I’ve performed in a number of them over the years (including four in the past year alone). I’ve read others. I know the format. I know how to create dialog. I know how to create a character’s backstory. When I envision the characters, I can see them onstage.

But my hands just hover over the keyboard when I’m sitting in front of the computer and my brain blanks out.

So I thought, “Hey! Blog! Let’s write in that again! Maybe typing out something that’s longer than a Facebook status or Instagram caption might remind me how to do this thing called writing. I was good at it once. Maybe I can be good at it again.”

(Scene focus changes: Carol smashes keys with fists)

Yeah, I think it’s going to take awhile for all of this to come back to me.


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