check her for a concussion…

Seriously, that’s got to be the only explanation for my recent foray into 5K training.

It can’t have anything to do with my new awesome app Zombies, Run! 5K Training by the cool folks over at Zombies, Run!. This app – which, again, has nothing to do with my sudden desire to move faster than a saunter – has a story built into the 8 week training. One that you can only unveil, bit by bit, as you complete the missions (aka training sessions).

Nor can this weird need to keep up the running (or, in my case, rather slow jog) have anything to do with the endorphins that flood my system (kinda like they did back when I was training for a half-marathon, before the days of too many injuries and the onset of asthma).

Nope, I must’ve hit my head recently and, due to the trauma, can’t remember doing so. It’s the only explanation. You should probably take me to the hospital immediately.

Or, you know, maybe in about 8 weeks. I’m sure I’ll be okay until then.

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