i’ve finally done it…

…I’ve taken the plunge and started New Rules of Lifting for Life.

I’ve had the book for almost two months. I read it cover to cover the night that I bought it. Within a few days I copied the exercises that I would be doing, as well as the blank training logs, and placed them in a pressboard three-ring binder so that I would have something easy to use to take with me to the gym in the basement of the building where I work.

And the binder sat on my desk at JPL for close to two months.

Oh, in that time I’ve been working out almost every day: walking, treadmill, elliptical. A couple of weeks ago I started using the weight machines. High weights, low reps. I definitely worked hard. Sweating and pushing myself. But I realized that, well, I wasn’t as sore the next day as I should’ve been.

Not that I enjoy being sore. I am no masochist. But having been a bit of a gym rat in my 20s  – and going through spurts of activity in the 20+ years since, including a failed training for a half-marathon that left me with injured ankles due to crappy shoes – I knew that I should be pretty sore for at least 12-24 hours afterwards.

Monday (6/3/13) was my first Pilates class, taken through our fitness classes at work (JPL is a big believer in promoting wellness). It was tough because parts of me just don’t stretch and bend like that (yet), but I made it through. I felt better for it.

I tried to do NRoL4L yesterday during my usual lunchtime workout, but I just didn’t have the time, so I started again after work. Though there were times I really, really wanted to stop, I pressed on and finished the workout.

I am certainly feeling it today. So very sore, but not to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed. And not to the point where I couldn’t walk my usual mile from my car to my work building. It’s the good kind of sore – the kind where my terribly underused muscles got the wake-up call they desperately needed.

I’m looking forward to Pilates today to stretch out those muscles. Then I’ll be ready for Round Two of NRoL4L tomorrow.

Bring it on.

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