new kitten alert…

So, in my last entry, I mentioned a new cat that I acquired in 2012. I wasn’t looking to get another cat, as Edison seemed to really enjoy being an only cat and HotScienceGuy and I were talking about me moving into his place. But fate had other ideas, and here’s what I wrote on Facebook in late July:

I have a new house guest – tiny calico kitten!

Long story how she came into my life: yesterday I was on my way to meet HotScienceGuy for our every other week Game Night with friends. When stopped at a light, several bystanders pointed at my car. I opened my window and they yelled, “There’s a cat on your wheel!”

Horrified, I thought they meant I had run over a cat, so I very slowly pulled over and got out. That’s when they said it was a kitten and she had been sitting on my tire. We didn’t see the kitten, so I popped my hood and there she was!

The two bystanders (much younger and quicker than me) were poised to catch the kitten, who exited my engine and was sitting next to my tire. I reached for her and she ran off – under a fence and under a City of L.A. Street Lighting Bureau truck, which was parked in a lot nearby. She refused to come out. I went to get some food and water and brought it back, where my new friends were still waiting. The kitten had climbed up into the truck and wasn’t coming out, dammit.

We all had to go off to our respective plans for the evening, but on my way home I stopped by the truck and she was still there, meowing up a storm. She hadn’t touched the water or food and there was no way I was going to be able to get her. I went on home, called animal control and they recommended I try in the morning, when they could send out a field officer.

Back out there this morning, I discovered she was still there. Luckily there was a security guard and her supervisor. I called Animal Control, waited for a long time while the supervisor tried catch the kitten. After an hour, I called AC again, but that’s when they told me that they were unable to send anyone out – the area field officer was responding to an injured deer call in the Hollywood Hills.

At that point the supervisor and security guard allowed me in the lot and with a lot of hard work, we were able to coax the kitten out of the tire that she had crawled into and I brought her home with me.

This afternoon HotScienceGuy and I will be taking her to my vet for an exam and vaccines if she’s old enough for them (she looks like she’s about six weeks old).

Edison knows she’s here – he’s seen her and heard her very loud meowing – but I’m not going to get them near each other until she’s checked out. Edison is living with cancer and heart disease right now (but his meds are keeping everything in check and he’s doing amazingly – he’s my strong, stubborn boy!) – I don’t want to risk any possible disease transmission.

So, yeah, it looks like I may have a new kitty…

The little kitten was determined to be about a month old when I took her to the vet that day and remarkably healthy, except for fleas and the attendant worms (which were all gotten rid of, of course). It took about a week before her name presented itself, thanks to HSG: Vin, from the Brandon Sanderson series. It just seemed to fit her (especially the street urchin part). It’s a name that confuses most people, but I’m okay with that – people seem to think Edison is named for Thomas Edison (as if!), wwhen he’s really named after Edison Carter.

She’s nearly seven months old now and quite the energetic little kitten. It’s the first time I’ve had either a calico or a female, but I’m up for the challenge (I think). And she really is an adorable sweetheart – when she’s sleepy and open to petting.

After this, though – no more cats. At least not for about five to seven years…

Kitten Vin, the day she came home.
Kitten Vin, the day she came home.
A recent photo of Hufflepuff & Vin in the new place.
A recent photo of Hufflepuff & Vin in the new place.

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