who are you and what have you done with carol elaine?

Oh G-d, I’m one of them now.

One of what?

A calorie counter.

I’m actually paying attention to my calorie intake and expenditures.

I’ve been working on bettering my stamina and activity level for about a year now. Being the hard-headed person that I am, I really had no desire to lose weight because, well, I am who I am – a big girl – and if you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine. If I lost weight as a result of my efforts, that’s fine with me. It’s just my body doing what it was meant to do. But it was never a focus. I’ve had some success with improving my stamina. I have a long way to go, but in general I do feel healthier.

But earlier this year I realized my knees were aching a bit more than I would have liked. This did not please me. I’ve known people who, due to excess weight, have had serious knee problems. Having been forced to use a cane last year after pulling my calf muscle in a freak bowling incident, I knew I absolutely didn’t want to rely on anything like that if it were within my control to avoid it. So I decided that maybe losing some weight might be a good thing after all.

My goal weight is 200 pounds. I know for some that’s a starting point, but when I was 200 pounds I liked the way I looked and felt. I felt healthy and liked being curvy. Plus staying around that weight satisfies the contrarian in me that refuses to let anyone tell me that I’m not sexy and attractive unless I’m a waif (which, frankly, I could never be – my bone structure isn’t built for waifdom).

Luckily HotScienceGuy – who thinks I’m outrageously sexy just the way I am – is okay with my new focus. Not that I would stop if he weren’t, but it’s nice to know that he sees my point of view regarding improving my health. Besides, he’s already started…reaping the benefits of my improved stamina and flexibility (ahem), so he realizes this is a win-win for everyone, even if he thinks my desire to exercise is more than a little weird.

And so. Here I am, 12 pounds lighter since April, thanks to my fitbit and MyFitnessPal and the support of various friends. I’ve got another 49 pounds to go before I hit my desired number and I know it’s going to take awhile, but I am determined to see this through.

Wait, did someone say cake?

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