Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-24

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-17 #
  • Up way too early, dropping off a friend for a 6:30a call time. Luckily it's on my way to JPL, so I'll just get to work early myself! #
  • @JohnFugelsang Gawd, no kidding. That is my least favorite song of all time for that very reason. #
  • @JohnFugelsang Also, why would I "thank G-d it's them instead of [me]"? Why would I thank G-d that anyone is starving at all? #
  • @JohnFugelsang I'm enjoying this esteemed holiday song: #
  • @JohnFugelsang From your mouth to Herzog's ears. I love that crazy German director. #
  • @JohnFugelsang No, not CHIPWRECKED!! You're just a big old meanie pants! #
  • RT @JohnFugelsang: Dear Homophobes – I never said a damned thing about gay people so get a new name for your religion; mine's taken. -Jesus #
  • One of the best things in the world: being silly with my guy & making each other laugh hysterically. Life is good. #
  • RT @chasingray: My heart would explode over sheer joy for this: #
  • @redroomsalon Yay for giddy happy! But get some sleep, young lady! #
  • Dear Shoulder & Neck: WTF? Seriously, what's up with the pain? Not cool. Not cool at all. Sincerely, The Rest of the Body You're Attached To #
  • HotScienceGuy just sent me this link. It's like he knows me or something! #
  • @phiala @pie_r_round I've never used GoDaddy for my own sites, ever since I found out Bob Parsons was a right wing tool. (1/2) #
  • @phiala @pie_r_round But several Democratic folks I helped out with sites used them bc they're so cheap, as did CuteFilmNerd. (2/2) #
  • @phiala @pie_r_round Oh, I understand. My first two sites were with Dreampages. I'm with Lunarpages now because I got an amazing deal. (1/2) #
  • @phiala @pie_r_round I paid for a month's subscription to Boca Java & got 1st year of hosting free. 2nd year was a discounted rate. (2/2) #
  • @pie_r_round @phiala Doing my own hosting at some point is a goal of mine. I just like the idea of having complete control over my site… #
  • @pie_r_round @phiala …even if I don't do much with it. I also like the idea of having a place where friends can host their sites. #

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