Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-05

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-29 #
  • Good weekend is good. *sigh* #
  • @thc1972 Oh yes. Yes, indeed. Let's just say it's hard to believe HotScienceGuy & I have been dating for less than a month. *swoon* #
  • @thc1972 It feels like we've known each other much longer. #
  • @thc1972 Thank you! Even with the use of that word. 😉 #
  • Lunch & a documentary screening about the beginnings of JPL ( at JPL with HotScienceGuy. It's a good thing. #
  • luck be a lady… #
  • @quarrygirl Is it because you used a pseudonym? How do they know that you haven't legally changed your name to Quarry Girl? #
  • @quarrygirl That's stupid. My full name isn't Carol Elaine (leave out my last name on purpose). How do they know I'm not using a pseudonym? #
  • @redroomsalon Fills his shirt with what? Pudding? Cottage cheese? Adorable puppies? #
  • @BlackMoonEyes Send this to your forwarding "friend": #
  • @BlackMoonEyes Wow. Someone is unclear as to the definition of the word "miracle." #
  • @ivyratafia Alas, while I live in the area – it's walking distance from my apartment – I work nowhere near there and cannot make it. *sigh* #
  • @BadAstronomer It is also the name of a street in Silverlake (part of Los Angeles). Well named, I'd say. #
  • @ivyratafia Yes and no. I can have Scoops any time. But I can't see Scott speak if I'm in the mood for that on a Sunday afternoon! #
  • @ivyratafiaBut yes, Scoops is awesome! #
  • @ivyratafia We'll call it a draw. #
  • @shawnp0wers Years ago my dad used to drop me off at school & I'd give him a kiss on the cheek as I left the car… #
  • @shawnp0wers To this day I'm afraid I'll do that with anyone I'm dropping off or who's dropping me off. Silly reflexes! #
  • @shawnp0wers When you figure out how to do that, could you pass it on? I might be needing to be filthy stinking rich pretty soon… #
  • @phiala @shawnp0wers Agreed! I think I figured it out! 1) Get "filthy stinking rich" idea. 2) Share with friends. 3) ???? 4) Profit! #

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