luck be a lady…

…and she is very much being a lady to me.

First of all there’s the whole HotScienceGuy thing. We’ve been dating for less than a month, but it’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been longer. And this past weekend, where we spent nearly forty-eight hours together, has only strengthened our connection. (And yes, we did spend some of that time away from my apartment and in public, though we got there early and left before the lovely ladies of Seabirds showed up – though I did get to try Frankenstand’s new menu item, which is soooo very good.)

Second, once again I have won Janiece’s Free Shit Friday, this time the prize being her amazing Awesome Apple Butter of Awesomeness. Yippee! This is the fourth time I’ve won Janiece’s homemade goodies (previous prizes have been strawberry jam, raspberry jam and blackberry jam), but, while I have loved every jar I’ve been sent, none of her delectable jams can compare with her apple butter. This is, perhaps, the perfect note upon which to end my reign as Yummy Goodies Winning Queen. I think I shall have to have to fold up my Free Shit Friday entry sheet and put it away in the attic so that others may have a chance.

Third, last night I received an email from Quarrygirl. Turns out that my entry in her Mendocino Farms Pre-Opening Party Contest/Sweepstakes/Whichever had been randomly chosen, so HotScienceGuy and I will be attending tonight, on World Vegan Day (HSG is vegetarian). WooHoo!

Oh, Lady Luck, thank you for being so kind to me. It is very much appreciated.


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