martha marcy may marlene

Many moons ago I wrote a little something about John Hawkes, whom I had briefly met a number of years ago following the performance of his former band Gangster Folk at the now-defunct Highland Grounds. Since then his acting star – which was always a fascinating one to follow even before Buttleman – has steadily been on the rise with brilliant turns in such projects as Deadwood and Me and You and Everyone We Know, with him finally garnering an Oscar nomination for his role of Teardrop in Winter’s Bone – a chilling and affecting performance that richly deserved the nomination in a very tough and talented field.

Well, friend of John Hawkes and one-time acquaintance of mine Stephen Falk linked to a video of Mr. Hawkes singing a song from his new movie Martha Marcy May Marlene. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the song. And the movie trailer makes me want – nay, need – to see this new movie.

Oh, John Hawkes. Who knew that when I spied you singing onstage that February night in Aught-Three, wearing that powder blue polyester tux and barely buttoned ruffled shirt and looking for all the world like a delinquent behind the gym during prom, smoking and drinking Jack Daniels, that I would become an avid fan of your tremendous acting talent? I sure didn’t. And oh, man, I was certainly short-sighted.


  1. I am really hoping this one comes to Charlotte at some point, and a major drawing point is Hawkes–I thought he was just fantastic in Winter’s Bone. (I ended up missing X-Men: First Class, but the major draw for me for that was Hawkes’ Winter’s Bone co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, who was also amazing; that’s just a damn good movie, is what that one is. I cannot say enough good things about it.)


  2. CuteFilmNerd and I saw Martha Marcy May Marlene yesterday. As expected, John Hawkes is amazing and it’s an all around good movie. Not as good as Winter’s Bone, but definitely a solid movie. It does move a bit slowly, but that works for it.


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