it’s almost here…

…the Rapture, I mean.

After Harold Camping epically failed in his prediction of a May 21st Doomsday, he hastily amended the Rapture date to October 21st.


For those of you who aren’t Raptured to stand with Teh Lawrd, you can expect this helpful little card to be Left Behind with you:

I’m pretty sure that I’ll receive such a card, as I am a heathen sinner who, while not a scientist, works for a scientific organization and believes whole-heartedly in science. Oh, and since I’ve started seeing a sinning atheist scientist (and trust me, HotScienceGuy is a hell of a…sinner – one of the best…sinners I’ve ever known – rowr), that means he’ll be Left Behind too! Yay! Along with all the fun and interesting people.

See y’all back here in a few days!

(H/T to Janiece’s awesome Sister from Another Mister Mechanicky Gal – who was the Hostess with the Mostest a couple of years ago.)


  1. Harold Camping is an idiot. A misguided idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. And I love the card.

    By the way, the rapture is total nonsense, with roots that go back to the 1500s, but essentially “invented” in the 1800s.


  2. Ahhhh…. sinners! Unfortunately for me, happily married woman than I am, I have stopped… sinning in the kind you can… sin when you are single-mingling. Carefree, childless, hot.. sinning!

    ::deep sigh of vicarious appreciation for the rowr::


  3. filelalaine, I have not…sinned like this in far too long. It’s a lovely change. And he is a most lovely…sinner. He’s also a great guy in general and we have quite a few things in common outside of our…sinning compatibility.

    Without going into details, I will continue to write about HotScienceGuy. You know, just to help you out with your vicarious appreciation. ‘Cause I’m a giver like that.


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