Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-24

  • New writing prompt: #
  • @RawPossibility Oops! Try this one: #
  • @feliciaday Very carefully. And you need tiny hands. Still easier than milking a soy. #
  • @RawPossibility@RawPossibility Done! I like you blog – kitty is so sweet! #
  • RT @JohnFugelsang: After Cain killed Abel God put a mark on him so he couldn't be harmed;1st murderer ever got a pardon from God. #troydavis #
  • @JohnFugelsang There is nothing about that tweet/link I don't love. *swoon* #
  • Oh, how Edison needs this, even if he doesn't know it yet: #
  • RT @amnesty: BREAKING! Stay of execution for #TroyDavis !! #
  • I am ashamed of GA & the USSC tonight. I am not surprised. #troydavis #
  • Reasonable doubt is no longer enough to keep a man from being murdered by the government. #troydavis #
  • @pie_r_round Same here. If it is morally wrong for individuals to murder, it is morally wrong for the government to murder. Full stop. #
  • @pie_r_round I look at self-defense differently (both on individual & government levels), but that's different from premeditated murder. #
  • @pie_r_round Tonight was premeditated murder. And yes, I'm against it for the man who was executed in Texas to… (cont) #
  • RT @rodmccullom: It's over. #TroyDavis has been executed. I'm sure there will be lots of applause at 2morrow's #GOP debate. #
  • RT @kindkreme: RT @xenijardin: American government: what we lack in strategy and design, we make up for in execution. #troydavis #
  • RT @TheeAleMan: Having seen what went down w/ #TroyDavis in Georgia I can no longer support the death penalty. #
  • RT @thinkprogress: "You can say they deserve to die, but the key moral question is 'Do we deserve to kill?'" — Helen Prejean #
  • RT @alyankovic: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and… okay, let’s just go with that one.” – Rupert Murdoch #
  • @quarrygirl You should put "Christian Values" in quotes. #
  • @quarrygirl I take it that monstrosity finally opened? Yeesh. #
  • @thc1972 WooHoo! #
  • @random_michelle @phiala I don't think we'd notice if there were college football games happening. Traffic's always messed up. #
  • @phiala @random_michelle I totally get it. Then again, I don't think as many people here care about football as they do in other places. #
  • @phiala @random_michelle If they did, we wouldn't have been without a pro football team for almost 20 years. #
  • i have a girl-crush… #
  • @nativefoodscafe @quarrygirl This is why I don't do hot sauce. It's a gateway drug, man! It'll bring you down! #

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