Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-17

  • RT @Mike_FTW: Never forget. That Congress tried denying benefits to first responders and their families. #
  • *headsplode* RT @simonpegg: Twitter meltdown. @feliciaday, @edgarwright, Tony Head, and @simonpegg in Joss' house. #
  • RT @neilhimself: So beautiful and mysterious: paper statues appear in Edinburgh with strange links to @Beathhi… (cont) #
  • @NathanFillion My brain just exploded from the awesomeness. #
  • Reprehensible. RT @pie_r_round:Marie Antoinette had "let them eat cake."The Republican Party has "Let the unin… (cont) #
  • @thc1972 I'm really sorry to hear that. #
  • @thc1972 Ah, got it. I thought it was a reoganizational thing, which has rarely been good in my experience. #
  • @redrummy I am completely in agreement with all of your suggestions re: Jon Stewart. (@mariancall @jmproffitt) #
  • @jerisisco Ditto. Though if @redrummy played on my team, I would, perhaps, not think wholly platonic thoughts. #
  • @Kate_Baker I think you may have been hacked. 😦 #
  • @Kate_Baker That happened once with a Hotmail account that I have. I never could figure out what happened. #
  • @Kate_Baker I didn't click – it didn't look like a Kate kind of link. I hope no one esle clicked. #
  • @RadioGuyChris Doubtful. #
  • RT @sotsogm: Would it be nicer if instead of wishing some people would drop dead, I wished they were Raptured? Rapture is nice, right? #
  • @quarrygirl @kindkreme Libras are cool (some of my best friends are Libras 😉 ), but Taureans totally rock! #

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