a world of possibilities…

Being a single childless borderline crazy cat lady (though I’m down to one cat now – during my down time on the blog BJ died very unexpectedly [in October 2010] and Matisse had to be put to sleep due to a cancerous bladder [in April of this year – two weeks after I moved into the new place]), I’m not up on the latest and greatest in Nerf technology.

So imagine my surprise when reading the comment section of this Basic Instructions webcomic and discovering the existence of this magnificent product:

Nerf N-Force Shadow Fury
Nerf N-Force Shadow Fury

Nerf swords exist? I vowed right then and there – both to myself and to the fine commenters on that page – that I would procure a Nerf sword.

But wait! The majestic Nerf sword was not alone in the Nerf arsenal. For lo and behold, the comments revealed to me another wonder:

Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe
Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

A Nerf mace as well? Again, I swore to obtain this Nerf mace. Indeed, two Nerf swords and two Nerf maces will be brought into my home and hung above my mantle, ready for any impugning of my honor.

Yet the discoveries were not over, for upon Amazon there were an entire host of Nerf battle weapons which I newly coveted.

I am done. And I shall be ready for all who dare to dispute me or my wisdom!

Alas, Nerf may prove to be my undoing.


  1. Not nerf enough for this crowd. I’ll be the one sitting in the corner, arbitrating and stuff… with a wine glass in one hand and a camera in the other… although, the pictures will probably not come out right with just one hand and a buzz, so maybe just the wine. Or champagne… yeah, that’s better.


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