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…were engaged this past weekend. Three movies were seen, all with CuteFilmNerd. (Yes, considering we’re no longer a couple, we do still spend a lot of time together. We’re still very close friends and he doesn’t live far from me, so, yeah, we still enjoy hanging out a lot. But unless certain things change – and I have no idea how likely that will be – I seriously doubt we’ll get back together.)

Friday evening I insisted on seeing Fright Night. I was going through some serious David Tennant jonesing and had to have my fix. So off to the Arclight we went. I was experiencing some trepidation once I found out that Marti Noxon had written it, seeing as she had written some of my least favorite Buffy episodes (“Bad Eggs.” “Beauty and the Beasts,”, though to be fair, she also wrote “The Wish”, which was excellent) and oversaw the series during its worst seasons. Despite my many reservations, the movie was actually fun. It kept the bare bones of the original, but was successfully updated for the 21st century.

Anton Yelchin was fine as Charlie and, while I vastly prefer the suavity of Chris Sarandon as Jerry, Colin Farrell’s more animalistic bad boy Jerry hit all the right notes. Also, Toni Collette should be in pretty much every movie. I just really like her.

And yes, my beloved David Tennant was marvelous. It took awhile before his character popped up and stayed (though there were little hints of Peter Vincent sprinkled all over, starting with the very beginning), but once he stuck around, the movie – in my not so humble and not at all biased opinion – really took off. My G-d, that man would have chemistry with a doorknob. If only he were a little less skinny. I’d be afraid to hug him for fear of breaking him in half (not that I foresee that happening any time soon). But he’s a skinny framed guy and still nicely toned (hello, lovely shirtless scenes!), so it works for him. *sigh*


Um, sorry, I had to have a little bunk time there. Now, where was I? Oh yeah.

The next day – after Sarriah and I went for our long walk – I met up with a youngish man (okay, he’s actually 60, but has a youthfulness about him) in Hollywood for a coffee date. Yep, my first date since the break up. It went well enough. He was very nice, intelligent and complimentary to me (said I looked even more attractive in person) and we spoke very easily, having several things in common. But I just wasn’t drawn to him physically, though he’s a nice looking gentleman. He expressed an interest in another date, which I kind of backed away from, citing my recent breakup (cowardly, I know, but I didn’t want to be mean). Now, I wouldn’t mind being friends with him. I’d actually like to be friends with him. But that physical connection that I need just wasn’t there for me and I don’t want to lead him on. I’ll probably email him and let him know that, if he’d like to be friends, I’m open to that.

Saturday night was another movie with CuteFilmNerd, this time seeing The Help through the SAG Film Society. Parts of it were excellent and parts were formulaic – I think I’m getting jaded in my old age, as I know this has gotten excellent reviews. But while the acting was uniformly excellent (oh, Allison Janney and Sissy Spacek, you must also be in nearly every movie as far as I’m concerned), the stand out was Octavia Spencer. Damn, that woman can act!

Sunday morning saw me going on another walk, this time with CuteFilmNerd to get bagels from a bagel shop that’s about a mile and a half from his place, so we got in about three miles. And while this walk didn’t provide the lovely sights of Lake Hollywood, there were a few things that caught my photographic eye:

Paramount Studios - Homage to Star Trek IV
Paramount Studios - Homage to Star Trek IV

I love this mural!
I love this mural!

Newly fallen flower.
Newly fallen flower.

An unusual sight in the age of smart phones.
An unusual sight in the age of smart phones.

We also went shopping for various apartment related things. And that night was another SAG Film Society offering: Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Much was good about it (again, why is John Lithgow not in every movie ever? Though I may be biased after my 3rd Rock from the Sun days…), but after a while I just get very, very tired of long action sequences, no matter how well done. However, count me in amongst those calling for an Oscar for Andy Serkis. Oh. My. G-d. He is amazing. See this movie for his portrayal of Caesar, if for nothing else (though you should also see it for John Lithgow – just saying).

There were a few things I had to push off until the next weekend because I was just exhausting myself. I’ll be ready for them in a few days!


  1. I dunno what happened to my post about the frangipaniers, I guess I got a little too confident with the html skills (was trying to refer you to the blog I wrote about looking for them everywhere here in S.Cali.)… I am heartbroken. HEARTBROKEN!


  2. I looked it up on your blog – I didn’t know what the flower was called. I just saw it on the ground, obviously freshly fallen, it struck me, especially against the sidewalk. It was on Larchmont, south of Melrose. I believe the plant was in front of a business.

    One of the things I love about Los Angeles is how so many lovely flowers can bloom here no matter the time of year.


  3. They have the sweetest smell! Mixed with the salty breeze and the strong scent of iodine from the ocean, they made this aromatherapeutic bouquet that was priceless.

    But the flowers aside, I was pleasantly surprised to find that you are geographically so close to me. I am still trying to figure out how to follow your blog.


  4. Mine is via WordPress and I don’t have Google Friend Connect set up (one of the few ways I’m not a Google fangirl), which is what Janiece and a few others have. My RSS feed is http://ordinarygoddess.net/?feed=rss2 – you should be able to subscribe using that.

    And yeah, I just looked at your profile – I know Studio City well as I used to work there. Los Angeles County in the house!


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