ladies of the lake…

Another weekend. Another weekend walk. This time Sarriah and I opted for Lake Hollywood, a man-made lake nestled in the Hollywood Hills, designed by William Mulholland and completed in 1924. It’s a lovely area and, though we couldn’t make a complete circuit of the lake as parts of it were closed off to the public (and actual access to the reservoir is verboten), going as far as we could and making our way back made for a nice 5 mile walk (give or take a few yards). I’ve read some accounts that say parts of Chinatown were filmed there, but I’ve also read accounts that the scenes were filmed at the Stone Canyon Reservoir, which is about 15 miles west. No matter where it was shot, it made for a lovely morning stroll. And yes, photos were taken:

(A few more photos can be found here. Not many more, but a few.)

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