Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-20

  • Shooting a Repeal Proposition 8 PSA in a cute little church in West Hollywood. I'm an extra. So proud to be part of this. #
  • Wanna help marriage equality? Please help the producers of the awesome PSA I worked on today: #
  • @RadioGuyChris Well, Paulistos are rather cultish (and remind me of LaRouchies). #
  • @RadioGuyChris Cult members rarely look at the message and delight in attacking the messenger. #
  • Watching The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. Go, @SeabirdsTruck! WooHoo! #
  • @mariancall @BadAstronomer That's okay, I meet astrophysicists all the time. Then again, I work at JPL, so I guess it comes with the job. #
  • @redrummy That's our @random_michelle – the annoying little sister of the internet. #
  • @random_michelle Wait, does @redrummy even recognize bad touching? #
  • @redrummy Bad Ron Rico! #
  • @RadioGuyChris Absolute libertarianism assumes that all citizens behave like responsible adults. We know this assumption is incorrect. #
  • @quarrygirl Oh, John Cleese, how I adore him. *sigh* #
  • @Kate_Baker Sending mega healthy vibes to you! #
  • @redrummy @jerisisco Merely one of the best videos ever: #
  • @jerisisco @redrummy I'd lend you mine, but they won't fit through these intertubes! #
  • @Gryffud @WordofTheDavid It's a really obscure number. You wouldn't know it. #
  • @Gryffud @WordofTheDavid Why did the hipster burn his hand changing a lightbulb? #
  • @Gryffud @WordofTheDavid Not the answer I had in mind, but nice. #
  • @WordofTheDavid @Gryffud As a neo-hippie, I resemble that remark! #
  • @BrentSpiner Countdown to "Strange, but also good" comment in 3…2…1… #
  • @WordofTheDavid Theoretically, yes: – I haven't really thought much about it, though. I buy whatever Ikea sells. #
  • @thc1972 You're issuing a challenge, aren't you? #
  • Have tickets to see FRIGHT NIGHT. Oh yummy #DavidTennant here I come! #

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