“i’m gonna pop your cherry.”

When I first heard that Fright Night was being remade, I had definite reservations. I’ve always enjoyed the original, with Chris Sarandon as the handsome vampire next door and the inimitable Roddy McDowell as the horror show host Peter Vincent (named in honor of Peter Cushing and Vincent Price). Then I heard that David Tennant was cast as Peter Vincent. Wha-? And the character was being changed into a magician.


Don’t get me wrong. I love me some David Tennant. They say you never forget your first Doctor and, as I stumbled upon the series very late, David Tennant was mine. And, quite frankly, the main reason I was drawn into it (I’ve now seen all the Christopher Eccleston episodes and am avidly following the Matt Smith episodes). He’s a talented actor, seems to be quite down to earth and just a lot of fun in interviews. Not to mention that he IS a very nice piece of eye candy.

But Peter Vincent as a magician? And, as I would much later find out, one in the mold of Criss Angel (who just doesn’t appeal to me)? So very wrong. Having Peter Vincent as a horror show host was a stroke of genius, but they are a long gone breed and I just couldn’t imagine how they could rewrite the character to be appealing.

Now I know. And, thanks to these three scenes, I may have no choice but to watch this new incarnation.

Oh, David Tennant, you are a yummy treat indeed.


  1. I’m not a big horror fan, so I’ve never seen the original. And for the most part, remakes of movies I’ve seen and liked I just ship. Not that some reboots aren’t awesome, like the rebooted Battlestar Galactica (although the ending didn’t make me too happy) and the Star Trek reboot. Still Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowell? Maybe I need to see it.

    My first Doctor was Tom Baker, when I stumbled across Dr. Who on PBS in Minneapolis. He’s still a favorite, and I and the ex own many of the episodes from his 7 year stint. Not all of them by any means, but many. The reboot has been excellent overall, in my opinion, and I own all of the series available so far on DVD, and the current series is on the Christmas list I’m making for my ex and daughter.


  2. The original Fright Night is chock-full of ’80s cheeze, but both Sarandon and McDowell carry the movie. And Chris Sarandon’s seduction of Amanda Bearse is pretty hot, though nothing is shown. Frankly, Colin Ferrell can’t hold a candle to Chris Sarandon. However, watching David Tennant in those clips makes me feel strange, but also good.

    I tried to watch Doctor Who when I was much younger, but the production values threw me off. I’d love to give it another shot, though.


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