filling up my mural cache, part the first…

(Warning: image heavy post ahead…)

Amongst the things I love about living on the south side of the Hollywood Hills (what took me so bloody long?) are the many murals that decorate local buildings and retaining walls. True, some of them look to be little more than glorified tagging, but many of them are true works of art. And there’s one artist with a signature look who always catches my eye.

I first noticed his work on the walls of the deeply lamented Vegan Spot:

So cute! Once The Vegan Spot closed, those walls were painted over before the next tenant took residence. And, too be honest, much as I loved looking at those little birdies, I didn’t think much about them. Until I moved to my current neighborhood and noticed the puffy little chickens taking roost elsewhere in the city (primarily Silverlake and Echo Park, as those are the areas where I spend a fair amount of time).

Turns out the artist calls himself Cache and is quite prolific. He often works in collaboration with other artists (generally Eyeone, judging by the ninjas that accompany his bubble chickens).

A fun and cheery piece of street art by Cache, Eyeone and Atlas (who is responsible for the jolly cats) other collaborators whose names I don’t know (not being hip, I’m not up totally up on the L.A. street art scene) graces Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake on my daily drive home from JPL:

Chicken close up from across Sunset.
Chicken close up from across Sunset.

Drive just a few hundred feet west and another, far more expansive wall is taken up with more lively characters:

And just when you thought you had seen all there was to see, only a few more feet west lies a mural celebrating the L.A. bicycling scene:

But, as much as I love looking at those images nearly every day, it’s another, smaller mural that has become my favorite…

(To be continued…)


  1. Cool! I’ve been to LA and visited Hollywood (it was work-related) but I’ve never been just to see things. With your pictures, I can do this vicariously. Maybe some day I’ll come visit LA just for fun and you could show me some of your favorite places.

    I’m looking forward to more pictures.


  2. I’d love to show you Los Angeles, Vince! It wasn’t my first choice of homes (I was an East Coast snob as a youngster, but I had no choice as a teen as to where I’d end up) and it took years before I felt it was home, but now I love this wacky place.


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