walking: fun sights and looty goodness, part 3…

(Continued from Parts One and Two.)

Sunday was somewhat less adventurous (and lacking in Sunday obtained looty goodness), but I still went out on a nice walk, this time with CuteFilmNerd. Just a simple walk to and from a cafe for dinner (six miles round trip), with some stereotypical Hollywood sights on the way that caught my eye:

Then home to sleep the sleep of the weary. Though not before having an overwhelming urge for a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, with the luscious homemade strawberry jam provided by the talented Janiece, courtesy of her Free Shit Friday giveaways (this is the second time I’ve won – the first time was for oh-so-yummy raspberry jam):


  1. Yay!

    I get such a silly little kick over taking photos of this city of mine, especially of things that are either stereotypical Hollywood or completely unexpected for such a sprawling metropolis. But I’ve never been sure that anyone else would enjoy them as I have. I’m so glad that you are, Vince!

    (It helps that I can write these ahead of time and schedule their posting. I’ve never availed myself of that before. Silly me!)

    And you may have given me an idea for tomorrow’s post (probably photo-centric).


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