walking: fun sights and looty goodness, part 2…

(Continued from Part One.)

So off I went. My meanderings led me to a shop I’d been meaning to try forever: Jenette Bras.

(Warning, guys, girly stuff ahead, though it does not pertain to shoes. If you don’t want to read about the trials and tribulations of bra fitting [short though it may be], go look at some monster trucks or something. I’ll let you know when the girly stuff has passed.

Also, this next bit might sound somewhat like a commercial. I just really liked my service.)

As a woman of…bountiful proportions, I often have trouble finding bras that lift and present the girls the way I like and that are also comfortable. Since Jenette Bras specializes in big-busted ladies, I knew I had to check it out. I finally did and came away with a new favorite shop (seriously, this is an amazing shop) and a non-inexpensive, but newly beloved bra:

For those who are more of a geeky persuasion (guys, you can come back now – if you didn’t get lost in the “something” link), the Jenette in Jenette’s Bras is Jenette Goldstein, best known to sci-fi fans as PFC Jenette Vasquez in <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliens_%28film%29&quot;Aliens. Unfortunately she wasn’t there when I stopped by this past weekend, but I had met her a couple of weeks ago when I peered into the shop windows right after they closed. She poked her head out, said hi and I let her know I was definitely interested in stopping by. Turns out she was on her way to The New Beverly, where she was participating in a Q & A after a screening of Aliens. An event where CuteFilmNerd was taking photographs.

Definitely one of those “only in L.A.” kind of moments.

After traipsing off with my prize, I continued on my way, ducking into a residential area, where I was stumbled upon an interesting front yard:

That may not be unusual in some places, but a front yard full of pumpkins is not a common sight in Los Angeles.

More wanderings led me to a sign in front of a Catholic church that, perhaps, wasn’t as thought out as it should have been:

Nothing else that was unusual presented itself on the rest of my perambulations, so off to home I went, where I rested up for the next day…

(To be continued…)

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