walking: fun sights and looty goodness, part 1…

I may have mentioned before that I find walking in one’s neighborhood a very excellent thing, as it leads one to discover things one might not have otherwise found. My recent walking addiction – while initially started for health and the goal of walking the Secret Stairs – has also had neighborhood exploration as a factor. And explore I did this weekend.

The first walk this weekend was on Saturday with Sarriah, who has become a regular walking partner. It was probably our fourth walk – we’ve decided that we’ll walk once every weekend. And perhaps more often, depending on schedules. It actually wasn’t in my neighborhood, but it wasn’t too far from it either. And our planned meeting corner just happened to have a yard sale happening. And at this yard sale was something I had planned to get at some point, at the low, low price of $25:

Which came with these cool thingies:

Now I have to figure out how to use the damned thing, as I’ve only used a sewing machine once before, in a galaxy far, far away (aka Conejo Players), but I know I can do it! (And yes, it works – we tested it before I bought it).

While continuing on our walk, we happened upon yet another yard sale, whereupon we both purchased jewelry. My haul:

And we managed to walk up these stairs, which, according to Google Maps, is part of Micheltorena Street:

I couldn’t go all the way to the top (Winslow Drive), but I was happy that I made it to Larissa Drive, from which I could see the hills of Silverlake, with Sunset Boulevard shops running along the bottom of the view:

More walking found us suddenly at the top of the famous Music Box Steps, so named for being a character unto themselves in the Laurel and Hardy comedy The Music Box (a still from the movie – featuring the steps – can be seen here):

And the view from above is lovely:

More and more walking brought us to a part of Silver Lake Boulevard that runs under Sunset Boulevard and, as I am a sucker for arches and tunnels, I had to take a photo before we ventured into the tunnel:

Soon enough we ended up where we started, whereupon Sarriah ventured off to parts westward for another meeting she had lined up. I, however, was left adrift, not yet wanting to go home. Calling several friends revealed that no one was free to hang out, so I drove home, parked and decided to go for another little walk…

(to be continued…)


  1. Oooh a sewing machine with CAMS! Those are so much more fun than the electronic ones. 🙂 And Janome is a good brand.

    One suggestion: find your local sewing machine place and take it in for a tune-up. They can be persnickety beasts, and if you aren’t good with them it’s much better to start from a properly-adjusted point.


  2. Excellent idea, Phiala. I’ll also check with them for sewing classes. Especially since I had to look up CAMS.

    I’m very good with hand sewing (my pillow shams for my loveseat and the seat/back for one of my director chairs don’t look hand sewn), but it does take an awfully long time. I look forward to being able to sew faster. And to be able to alter my own clothing.


  3. I third the tune-up. Regular maintenence has kept my 35+year old Singer running like the day I bought it.

    I just don’t get to use it as much as I’d like.


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