trying to not agree…

Last week the inestimable Janiece wrote about the pit of despair in which she found herself in regards to the current political climate of these here United States. She despairs that being a conscientious voter just doesn’t matter.

I want to disagree with her, to put forth the excellent arguments that her intelligent readers lay out in her comments section. I want to counter with an example of from my former, all too-brief life as a political activist of how it very much does matter.

I just can’t do it.

My burnout has a burnout. Watching MSNBC – which I like to watch to stay informed – just fills me with impotent rage. I so dearly wish to keep up with what’s happening in American politics & world events, but I also want to refrain from sticking a fork in my eyes and ears or destroying my TV, so I flip over to Food Network/Cooking Channel or HGTV/DIY Network. I might even take a gander at the Style Network just so I can bring my blood pressure down and calm my anxious nerves. And, unlike the last time when I felt this impotent rage (right after the 2004 “re-election” of Bush fils), I can’t seem to channel it into positive action.

(At least I still have my Stepahnie Miller Show every morning that both enlightens and amuses me. And I’ll be attending the Sexy Liberal Show in October, which I’m very much looking forward to. Stephanie Miller, Hal Sparks and – my personal favorite – John Fugelsang? Heaven! And if Chris Lavoie stops by? *swoon* Seriously, Chirs Lavoie is hawt.)

I have to believe that educating oneself about the truth of the positions of our elected officials is important. I have to believe that, as intelligent, responsible Americans, we have to act in accordance with our consciences and vote for the people and issues that matter to us.

It’s getting harder to keep that belief alive. To keep the despair away.

But I have to do it.


  1. One of my problems right now is knowing where to focus that rage. There are so many issues I care about, but I don’t have the time to work with every one. And I dearly want to do something that Makes A Difference.

    I’ll figure it out. I know I will. It’s just tough on the nerves until I do.


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