almost at home…

I’ve lived in my new place for just over three months now. I have to say that I’m so glad I moved.

I loved my old place and neighborhood in Toluca Lake/NoHo Arts District, but I moved because, after being in the same neighborhood for thirteen years and the same apartment for ten years, I felt that parts of my life had grown stagnant (especially the romantic part of life). I needed a change of scene.

My move to Burbank certainly provided that. Within a few months of moving, I ended up at JPL and in a relationship with HSTeacher. After that broke up, I found myself in a new one with CuteFilmNerd within weeks (that relationship lasted until a few days before my most recent move). However, I never felt at home in Burbank, even though it was only a few miles from my previous neighborhood. Something about the vibe never sat right with me. It didn’t take long before I realized that, for whatever reason, I was not built for the Foothill communities.

Five years later – after obtaining treatment for my depression/anxiety, getting a car, working on getting on a better financial footing, etc. – I found myself living on the south side of the Hollywood Hills. A place familiar to me from my outings, but very different from many of the places where I’d previously lived. An area that might be a tad less safe than San Fernando Valley suburbia, but is much more vibrant. More in line with who I feel myself to be.

It doesn’t quite feel like home (certainly not as much as San Francisco or Washington, D.C.), but I definitely feel comfortable here. It’s a good start.

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