it’s a sickness!

What is? Playing with this damned website, of course.

I’ve found a template that I really like (it’s simple, yet flexible): Platform by PageLines. They have a Pro version that I may purchase at some point, but even the free version has built-in flexibility that I like without having to go in and tweak the code. I just wish it were fluid width as I may keep this for a little while. At least until I find something that’s super dynamic (i.e. tweaking photoblogging templates to make them work for my blogging purposes – when I have the time and patience to do that).

Unfortunately I’m at the point where I’m spending too much time getting the tiny things just right because I can’t possibly post an entry unless everything is absolutely perfect, can I?

(Damn my OCD side. Or my perfectionist Virgo rising sign. Whichever you feel like damning, go for it!)


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