playin’ with the site…

I’m just playing around with the blog a little bit, doing a little interior decorating to match the urge to decorate my physical space. If it looks totally different each day, it’s because I’m just throwing swatches on the wall to see what sticks.

Be back soon!

(I think…)

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  1. Would ya believe I’ve changed the theme a few times since you left your comment and before I saw it? I have no idea which theme you’re referring to!

    And I won’t hit you, Vince. How could you think such a thing? However, I may end up sending you to the moon with Nathan.


  2. I’d like to go to the moon. Sadly that’s not likely to happen. And the theme I liked wasn’t this theme. But this one’s okay.

    I do hope you start blogging again. It’s good writing practice. At least I think it is.


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