quiet about the tucson shootings…

…because I’m still in shock.

My oldest and dearest friend, whom I’ve known since I was 16, lives in Tucson with her husband and their two young daughters. After hearing about the shooting I called her to make sure neither she nor her family were caught in the crossfire. Thankfully they weren’t – they’re all fine.

Still, my brain churns, as it does, on various scenarios, thanks to my anger and sadness and fear. So better to not write about it because then it just turns into, “All about me and my loved ones.” And that is sooo not what any of this is about.

Instead, I’d like to direct your attention to blog posts that several of my friends have written that are far more eloquent than anything I can come up with, both about this horrific event and the aftermath. Seriously, these folks are amazing.

Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station:
Random Thoughts on the Giffords Shooting
The Sunday Morning Come to Jesus Moment on Second Amendment Solutions

Eric VanNewkirk of Standing on the Shoulders of Giant Midgets:
January 8, 2011
Dumb quote of the day: missing the point just to be a knee-jerk contrarian edition

Janiece Murphy of Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men:
We Simply Don’t Know
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Steve Bucheit of Story Bones:
Any number of posts on the first page. Just read them all.

My thoughts and heart go out to the victims and their families and loved ones.

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