gratitudinal december – jpl

I am grateful for my job at JPL.

In this time of high unemployment, I am fortunate enough to have a job. Where several friends have battled unemployment for weeks or month or years, I am lucky to have a job that, for once in my working life, actually pays me a respectable amount.

And after far too many years of working jobs I couldn’t stand, at companies whose existence I sincerely questioned even though they were in an industry I was always fascinated by (entertainment), I am working a job I really like at an organization I genuinely love and respect: Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Is it my dream job? No. Though my creative side has been in hibernation for quite awhile, my soul still desperately wants to earn a living being a creative spirit (though I’m well aware that it won’t happen if I don’t kick myself into gear and do something about it). But as day jobs go, it’s a damned good one. And, even though I don’t see myself remaining a secretary, for the first time I’m working somewhere I can actually imagine staying at until retirement.

That’s pretty damned awesome.

Courtesy of JPL

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