graditudinal december – entry #1

Yeah, the blog’s been moribund for quite some time. Not much of a surprise. I could go into all the reasons why I think I’ve been away, but I’ve probably mentioned them the last few times I’ve taken an hiatus. What it boils down to? Just not been in a creative mood is all. Hell, with the exception of an odd day here and there, I’ve not really been in much of a mood to write anywhere. Even in friends’ blogs.

Not that things have been bad, mind you. It’s just that my brain hasn’t wanted to string words together and I haven’t been forcing it to.

But the ever fabulous Jeri has decided to post a new gratitude each day during December and the superb Janiece has followed Jeri’s lead, so I thought I’d give it a shot too. Hey, I’m all about the middle-aged peer pressure, baby!

(Plus I really do think it’s a good idea, even if I’m not quite as displeased with the holiday season as Jeri and Janiece are.)

I’m grateful for my relative good health.

I’ve been experiencing a number of health issues lately (lower back pain, abdominal pain, headaches) and have undergone test and exams to determine the root of these issues.

(BTW, whoever came up with the prep for colonoscopies? Evil. Simply evil. But the person who thought up the sedation for the colonoscopy procedure? You oughta be sainted. Lalalala!)

It turns out that, aside from a completely unsurprising hiatal hernia (oh, Prilosec, how I love your ability to suppress the chronic heartburn I’ve been experiencing since my teen years), my current health issues are fairly minor and easily treatable (though I must say farewell to my beloved ibuprofen – it makes my abdomen very unhappy). I’m working with my doctors and taking positive steps to make me all better.

True, I’m not SuperHealthyWoman. But all things considered, I’m not doing too badly. For that, I am grateful.


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