Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-15

  • @phiala @thc1972 Heh. Obviously, personality/intelligence/compassion all figures into it too, but I'm intrigued by all that male stuff. #
  • @phiala @thc1972 Also, being attracted to people, regardless of plumbing, makes all sorts of sense too. #
  • @sotsogm @susanbdot @random_michelle *snort* Now THAT'S funny! #
  • @phiala @thc1972 That it is. And also remarkably fascinating. Though there are some aspects of human sexuality I'd rather not delve into… #
  • @sotsogm @susanbdot @random_michelle Who's insinuating? I'm fine with just blurting it out. #
  • @sotsogm Yeah, what @random_michelle said. #
  • @sotsogm That wasn't me! At least, I don't think so… I may have to talk w/ my other personalities just to make sure. #
  • @random_michelle @susanbdot Marmosets? I dunno, that seems awfully extreme, even for @sotsogm's current level of mouse penii fascination. #
  • @pie_r_round I would hope so. At least, as opposed to Marvin. That robot's such a downer. #
  • @pie_r_round True, true. #
  • @susanbdot And Leon's getting lllaaaarrrgggeeerrr! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) #
  • @sotsogm @susanbdot @random_michelle You may very well be a gentleman. I do not doubt that.It's the adjective "saintly" that gives me pause. #
  • @redrummy NO!!! Where have we failed you? That's okay – I think we can get you into a re-education camp. #
  • @redrummy. Just read this. Phew! You had me worried. #
  • @Kate_Baker Sending you spice miso soup through these interwebs. It's kinda messy though – sorry. Feel better soon! #
  • @Janiece65 I'm glad you like it! in reply to Janiece65 #
  • @jerisisco @sotsogm I know this isn't helping, but those DM boots would look hawt on you. in reply to jerisisco #
  • @phiala @sotsogm @jerisisco Was starting to get bored too, but haven't maxed out my Dangerous or Shadowy yet & they're getting interesting. in reply to phiala #
  • @jerisisco @sotsogm Let the strongly dropped hints commence! in reply to jerisisco #
  • #ebz The city around the Bazaar is called the Fifth City because, they say, it's not the first the Baz… #

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