Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-05

  • @phiala Of course they're victorious. They are shrubberies. And you must bring me one so that you may pass. in reply to phiala #
  • I'm in the sun today for 5 hrs & brought director's chair if I need to sit.Except chair is missing cloth seat. Which I just noticed.Oh dear. #
  • At least I noticed before I tried to sit. #
  • Only one hour & fifteen minutes to go. I can do this. Right? #
  • Thank heavens/Yaweh/Cthulu that I have Sondheim/Whedon/@mariancall/Sligo Rags on iPod to get me through. #
  • (My Google OS phone just auto-corrected "iPod" to "opossums." Heh.) #
  • RT @omarg: Next BP idea: "What if we built this large wooden badger..?" #
  • @BadAstronomer As a JPL employee, your taxes (and mine) also help to pay my salary! Thank you for that! in reply to BadAstronomer #
  • Pretty isn't beautiful. Pretty is what changes. What the eye arranges is what is beautiful. – Stephen Sondheim #
  • @Afsoon Do you know anyone in Fresno? That's 559 area code. in reply to Afsoon #
  • @Afsoon No problem. I have family in Fresno, which is how I knew that. in reply to Afsoon #
  • @random_michelle I see a nap in my future too! Unfortunately, I've always been a rotten clairvoyant. in reply to random_michelle #
  • @random_michelle @Janiece65 My roommate will text/call me when were in the apartment at the same time. So I've gotten in the same habit. in reply to random_michelle #
  • @wilw Much like this, which is both WTF and FTW: in reply to wilw #
  • Epic office battle: #
  • Just saw Riley from "Buffy" at a gas station near my home. Wonder if he lives in the area. #
  • @sotsogm Maybe. I didn't see any demons at the gas station. Maybe there were demons in his Mercedes' gas tank. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @sotsogm You link to a scientist from Goddard? Harumph! in reply to sotsogm #
  • @redroomsalon Yay for safe travel! Hamlin says hi and that he misses you! in reply to redroomsalon #
  • @phiala Congratulations on the sale! Boo on the non-attributed photos! in reply to phiala #
  • At the Aero, waiting for NAKED LUNCH & THE NEW AGE, with Q&A with Peter Weller. Yay! #
  • Peter Weller is introducing the hell out of these films. I adore him. #
  • @sotsogm He most certainly does. This is the 2nd time I've seen him speaking in person. He's hilarious. in reply to sotsogm #

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