Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-02

  • About to check out the Charles Beaumont documentary, w/ impressive panel guests: – looking forward to it. #
  • To be followed by screenings of THE INTRUDER & BURN, WITCH, BURN, both by Charles Beaumont. CFN has been telling me about INTRUDER forever. #
  • RT @MythBusters: "Unscientific" by xkcd (Oh, yeah, Zombie Feynman! – CE) #
  • @JoeBlubaugh There is nothing irrational about getting angry when SP speaks. in reply to JoeBlubaugh #
  • Have been a Roger Corman fan for 25+ years, but, much as I love the Vincent Price films, THE INTRUDER may have been his best movie. #
  • @sotsogm I've always thought that Shatner was an effective actor as long as he had a strong director. THE INTRUDER proves it. in reply to sotsogm #
  • Been having a weepy day. CFN suggested I borrow his car & go somewhere, since he's busy & I didn't want to stay home. Best suggestion ever. #
  • Ended up driving two routes I hadn't driven in years that I had enjoyed in the past. Barely any anxiety, which is saying something for me. #
  • The quiet, winding parts of Sepulveda, Sunset & PCH are lovely. Waiting out beach traffic in Malibu, then heading back to CFN's place. #
  • Spending waiting time typing out old stories that I now only have in hardcopy. Might be a way to get the old creative juices flowing again. #
  • Playing Elvis Costello. Most excellent. Also, just saw Gary Shandling. Huh. #
  • @pie_r_round Damn, I love that song. It was my ringtone for many years. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • Heading home. The nearly full moon shining on the Pacific is so gorgeous that I had to pull over (safely) & just look at it. #
  • Wish my camera (which I love) was good enough to capture the night beauty of the Pacific. #
  • @jerisisco @sotsogm Thank you – it was a very nice evening and very much what I needed. in reply to jerisisco #
  • @Stonekettle My neck likes to make that noise sometimes. I'm told it's not normal. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @sotsogm @Stonekettle I have not yet seen THE EMO OF FRANKENSTEIN. This must be rectified. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @fughawzi Shall I ineffectively shake my fist at rice? in reply to fughawzi #
  • @shawnp0wers Too late. All that can be done now is raise the barricades against Monday. in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • Tomorrow I'm going in for an abdominal ultrasound (checking for gallstones). In prep, I am to eat no fat today. This is very wrong. 😦 #
  • I mean, no peanut butter on my morning toast? No banana for a snack? My soup for lunch had 1g of fat – that's okay, right? #
  • @sotsogm @phiala It'll probably be vampire gladiators. Man, that's gonna suck. in reply to sotsogm #
  • Getting ready for some BUCKAROO BANZAI action. Haven't seen it on the big screen since it was originally released. WooHoo! #
  • Q&A before movie with Peter Weller & Billy Vera. Oughta be interesting. #
  • @sotsogm Oh, I'm very aware of my luck.BB was one of the movies CFN & I bonded over in our "getting to know you" emails.So yeah, we're here! in reply to sotsogm #
  • @jerisisco "Don't tug on that – you don't know what it's attached to." My generation too! It came out the year I graduated from HS. in reply to jerisisco #
  • Peter Weller = very funny man. It was a great Q&A. So cool he's pursuing a PhD in archeology. Billy Vera was great too. #
  • On way to have abdomen ultrasounded for gallstones.Have had nothing to eat since 11pm last night & no fat yesterday.Gonna feast afterwards! #
  • Also have sourdough roll & VitaminWater in my bag for immediately aftwards. Will need to take the edge off. #
  • Done w/ abdominal ultrasound. Now for food! Lunching at an old favorite in my ex-neighborhood, only a subway ride away from hospital. #
  • Come to me, oh penne arribiata. #
  • Wow, that's a spicy penne arribiata! Yum! #
  • @Kate_Baker I'm so hungry the food won't have time to realize it was ever on a plate. So no tray needed. Thanks! in reply to Kate_Baker #
  • @Kate_Baker I am ashamed. I should've known better. I blame low blood sugar. (Love that bit! Izzard is awesome.) in reply to Kate_Baker #
  • Turns out the penne arribiata was way too spicy for me – I'd forgotten that. Taking most of it home, where I will tone it down a little. #
  • @jerisisco 60 kinds of tea? Be still my jealous heart. in reply to jerisisco #
  • @sotsogm @jerisisco I thought that there was only one kind of tea in the South: sweet. #formersouthernresident in reply to sotsogm #
  • @sotsogm @jerisisco Is that like decaf coffee? Maybe they use the same process to desweeten tea. McDonalds is so fancy. in reply to sotsogm #
  • For those curious about the very fun Q&A for @newbeverly's Monday night screening of BUCKAROO BANZAI, check this out: #
  • @redroomsalon I am pleased it was a satisfactory month. Yay! in reply to redroomsalon #
  • @wilw How many people have let you know that you made Epic Win FTW? #
  • A recent BUCKAROO BANZAI Q&A with Peter Weller, Billy Vera & Jerry Peterson reminded me of this song. ♫ #
  • @erong It's one of my favorite movies of all time. in reply to erong #
  • @erong Heh. In an early resume, I had "the" twice in a row. I didn't catch it, nor did any of my friends. Or my employment agency. in reply to erong #
  • Dear body: You know that April Fools' prank you're playing on my digestive system? We are not amused. #
  • Oh, blessed ginger lemon tea. You are just what I need today. #
  • @shawnp0wers Is it because reading is rad? #betrayingmyage in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @shawnp0wers Oh, please, gag me with a spoon. #actualvalleygirl in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @shawnp0wers The hills are alive! And it's pretty scary! in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • As a frequent pedestrian, I heartily endorse this: #
  • Okay, first the digestive issues (which seemed to have cleared up). Now another sore throat? I was just getting over a cold! Gah! #
  • @sotsogm @random_michelle It's 63 here, but at least it's sunny (rain was predicted). On Sunday it was in the high 70s. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @TranceJen What a pretty baby! Nooo! in reply to TranceJen #
  • @TranceJen I have two black cats (though they're short haired). I love black cats. (I love my long-haired tabby too.) in reply to TranceJen #
  • @fughawzi *blush* Thank you for the #FF in reply to fughawzi #
  • I definitely have another cold (Same one? Can't tell.). So I'm craving tea, orange juice and…potatoes? Wait, that can't be right. #
  • RT @LATimescitydesk: John Forsythe of film and TV fame dies at 92 — our obituary: (Goodbye, Charlie. – CE) #

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