Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-27

  • I am out and about too early for a Saturday morning. Stupid errands I have to run before meeting up w/ CFN @ 11:30a for ALICE IN WONDERLAND. #
  • @sotsogm New one on me. Maybe b/c L.A. isn't known for its alligators. Except maybe Reggie: #
  • Let's see if this works as well with boyfriends as it does with buses: present thyself, dearest CFN! #
  • And the answer to my last tweet is: no. *sigh* #
  • Tired today. Mentally, emotionally and physically tired. A nap, perhaps? #
  • A bit late to the party (as usual), but: yay on the passage of the HIR bill! (It's more of a reform of health insurance than health care.) #
  • There are a # of things I wish were different (inclusion of single-payer/public option health care, for instance),but it is a good 1st step. #
  • Now let's hope that our elected representatives don't drop the ball on tweaking it so that it's truly universal & affordable. #
  • @Kayar Thanks – me too! I like yours as well Especially with the public bathrooms so…public. 😉 in reply to Kayar #
  • @pie_r_round Oh, I have no doubt it's not over. I'd expect nothing less from certain the Republican party. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @pie_r_round There may be delays, but I have a feeling it won't be derailed. This train is going all the way. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @pie_r_round Me too. Very unkind, violent thoughts race through my mind when I think about it. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • Very important reading – Sexual Assault Prevention Tips: #
  • Using up last of potatoes & Gardein Beefless Tips to make small batch of vegan shepherds pie. I can't wait! #
  • @shawnp0wers Most excellent. in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @BrentSpiner To those asking if anyone cares what you think: they must, since they're following you on Twitter. in reply to BrentSpiner #
  • @BrentSpiner Maybe I'm odd, but I don't follow the tweets of people whose thoughts are of no interest to me. #
  • @BrentSpiner Careful there, don't wanna be called a tree-hugging pinko hippie now, do ya? (Says the pacifist neo-hippie.) in reply to BrentSpiner #
  • @erong If you're not careful, you may end up with a new cat. in reply to erong #
  • @erong How many cats do you have? "Crazy Cat Lady" I'd purely a ratio of # of cats per human. in reply to erong #
  • RT @pamelaribon: Oh how I love this one from @fuckingbookdeal: #
  • @jerisisco I think I missed something – bronchitis? Take care, hon – that laid me out for the better part of a month when I was younger. in reply to jerisisco #
  • @fughawzi Good luck – I hope they find something and that it's completely fixable! in reply to fughawzi #
  • Damn Skippy! #
  • @DiamondBearJoe None of the above? *blech* in reply to DiamondBearJoe #
  • @sotsogm It IS pretty cool, isn't it? in reply to sotsogm #
  • RT @erong RT @earthhour: Is this the cutest Earth Hour poster ever? #
  • @Afsoon Good luck! in reply to Afsoon #
  • Really fucking pissed at a taxi driver who didn't offer to help w/ heavy grocery bags. Complained to supervisor. Just realized… #
  • …in my anger,I left my personal bag in trunk, w/ books & cell charger & such. Called cab co. back & am waiting for call from…bad driver. #
  • If he lies about presence of bag in trunk, I will take him to small claims court. Where I live,taxis are NOT busy enough for someone else… #
  • …to take my bag. Especially on a Tuesday night. #
  • @sotsogm That thought had crossed my mind as well. And yes, if he lies about it, I will press charges. in reply to sotsogm #
  • Cab driver came by & dropped off my bag, but still gave me serious attitude when I told him that he needed to learn customer service. #
  • I'm a woman in my mid-40s w/ asthma/bad back & I told him so. He acted as if my 4 (heavy) bags & $5 fare were beneath him. #
  • Also acted as if bringing my bag back was a superhuman effort. I told him that I had consulted an attorney (thanks, @sotsogm!) & … #
  • …if he hadn't brought it back, it would've been theft. Then spoke to cab co. supervisor again & updated her. She was very sympathetic. #
  • @AVGVST He's lucky I paid him at all. And when I said that to the supervisor, she agreed. in reply to AVGVST #
  • The man is lucky I didn't kick him in the 'nads. Seriously. #
  • @sotsogm Yep, looks like everything is there. Thank heavens. He's still lucky I didn't kick him in the 'nads. Asshole. #
  • @sotsogm I know I didn't really consult you, but I could honestly say that I received advice from an attorney about this. So, thank you! in reply to sotsogm #
  • @pie_r_round True, and I don't think I could've retained @sotsogm as my defender, so it's a good thing I didn't do that. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @sotsogm Hey, a friendly suggestion from a friend who happens to be an attorney still carries weight. 😉 in reply to sotsogm #
  • @erong I have been told that I can be scary when I'm pissed. Which, you know, I don't see. But yeah, lack of courtesy gets me furious. in reply to erong #
  • @neurondoc @Stonekettle I have a queen-sized bed & outweigh CFN by *mumble* lbs. He still takes up most of the bed & seems to be all elbows. in reply to neurondoc #
  • Okay, all calm now. Time for bed! Zzzzzzz… #
  • @shawnp0wers Try not to hack that one up too. Getting another one can be tough. Or, uh, so I've heard. in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @Kayar Yay! in reply to Kayar #
  • @sotsogm @Stonekettle @neurondoc My 3 cats manage to not take up too much space, even when they're all on the bed. They like the corners. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @shawnp0wers Hoping for the latter and not the former. Take care. in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • If you have Google Voice & are on Facebook, join this group: Too damned funny. #
  • @sotsogm @neurondoc @Stonekettle I'm just happy none of them think my head is a good sleeping place. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @sotsogm @Stonekettle Judging by what I've seen, on the sidewalks in the downtown areas. in reply to sotsogm #
  • RT @sotsogm: RT @phiala: Massive takedown, massively sourced: American Dad's "An Open Letter to Conservatives." #
  • Throat is sore. Sinuses are a little more messed up than usual. If I get sick,I shall be seriously put out. 😦 #
  • @TranceJen Is he being deliberately obtuse/inflammatory? Then I say go for it. (Then again, I have little patience these days.) in reply to TranceJen #
  • @TranceJen Hopefully he/she will get a clue about the subject of your status. Doubtful, but stranger things have happened. in reply to TranceJen #
  • RT @LATimescitydesk: Actor Robert Culp, 79, of "I Spy," dies after falling at his Hollywood home: – 😦 #
  • @shawnp0wers Yay! #
  • I know high fashion isn't about practicality, but even then, sometimes you just have to say: WTF? (H/T @Afsoon) #
  • @pie_r_round @Kayar I'm not one for fried fish, but since salsa is awesome on all savory foods, I'm sure that's good too. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @phiala @sotsogm @random_michelle Add salsa. Makes everything savory taste better. in reply to phiala #
  • @Kayar Considering fried shrimp was the one thing I seriously considered not giving up when I went veggie, them's strong words. in reply to Kayar #
  • @shawnp0wers Ow! (Hope your headache is much better.) in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @Kayar Once upon a time I would have. I really loved shrimp. in reply to Kayar #
  • On way to meet CFN for Dan O'Bannon Tribute: THE RESURRECTED & DARK STAR are playing. #
  • @Janiece65 Know what's scary? When I supervised temps & employees, I realized I sounded a lot like Lumberg. So glad I don't do that anymore. in reply to Janiece65 #
  • @pie_r_round @sotsogm Unfortunately Jackson was like that long before the dawning of Beck. I remember reading her wackadoo views in 2003. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @sotsogm @pie_r_round See what happens when you don't thoroughly research your guests ahead of time? Silly Fox people. in reply to sotsogm #

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