Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-06

  • @VeggieGrill Dominguez Hills Golf Course? in reply to VeggieGrill #
  • @VeggieGrill I take it back: Cheviot Hills Recreation Center in reply to VeggieGrill #
  • @VeggieGrill Crap, I have another suggestion: Bel Air Country Club. in reply to VeggieGrill #
  • Watching some of the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films, from a complete set from CFN for Christmas. Over a decade since I last saw these. #
  • They've been beautifully restored. I don't think I've ever seen them look so good. UCLA done good! #
  • (However, I miss my old viewing companion: Basil Rathbone bio by Michael B. Druxman. Had info on every movie BR was in. 'Twas a good book.) #
  • Okay, who is it on this bus that reeks of cheap perfume this morning? Smells like Exclamation, which is soooo 1987. #
  • New bus, no cheap perfume (yet). I may survive this trip. #
  • It'll be about 30 minutes before I get to work – I do believe it's naptime (admittedly, one of the things I like about taking the bus). #
  • @mariancall Apparently @NathanFillion's childhood involved pandas. in reply to mariancall #
  • @erong @mariancall I still like the idea that @NathanFillion's childhood involved famous Chinese pandas. I hear they used to overrun Canada. in reply to erong #
  • @jerisisco Envious! But happy you're enjoying yourself – you deserve it! in reply to jerisisco #
  • @jerisisco Really? I'm going to have to check that out. I rarely get my nails done, so I've never thought about that. Thank you! in reply to jerisisco #
  • @pie_r_round I bet your hands would look lovely with a nice dark red. Or perhaps sparkly blue. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @jerisisco @pie_r_round I love sparkly or pearly dark red: (mine is the top foot – but even darker is preferred) in reply to jerisisco #
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson – one of @Janiece65's imaginary boyfriends) is talking about Pluto on Rachel Maddow (@maddow). Hmmmm… #
  • I greatly respect @neiltyson, but I'm still pouting over Pluto's demotion. Poor, poor Pluto. *sniff* #
  • @bunnybink Top Gear rocks – I love me some James May. in reply to bunnybink #
  • In a Basil Rathbone mood this week. Tonight's film: RHYTHM ON THE RIVER, w/ Bing Crosby and Mary Martin. Rathbone is a blocked songwriter. #
  • Too bad Ol' Baz didn't do more light comedy – he was quite funny. And had a lot of chemistry with the actresses he worked with. Yowsa. #
  • @timothyaclark I don't think I've read a convincing argument for demoting Pluto. in reply to timothyaclark #
  • @Kayar I was excited when I saw my 1st gray hair, because it was silver, not dingy gray. I've grown much less excited w/ its descendants. in reply to Kayar #
  • @AVGVST If my affection for Pluto is weirdest thing about me (it's not),I'll call myself lucky. (And yes, there ARE much weirder Americans.) in reply to AVGVST #
  • @Kayar Ain't that always the truth. in reply to Kayar #
  • @timothyaclark Music videos w/ quick cuts? MMORPG? in reply to timothyaclark #
  • @timothyaclark Not a clue. I like and respect Tyson quite a bit, but I think he's got this one wrong. in reply to timothyaclark #
  • @timothyaclark Gotta keep out the icy dwarf riffraff. in reply to timothyaclark #
  • Dear abdominal pain: 2+ months are more than enough. You've overstayed your welcome. Go away now. Kthxbai. #
  • @BadAstronomer I suppose unfollowing @grantimahara, then refollowing him won't count for two, will it? in reply to BadAstronomer #
  • @erong I've never heard of iF Magazine, but I couldn't get past the 1st sentence, so I didn't notice punctuation & sentence structure FAIL. #
  • @kspidel In the immortal words of Steve Carell, that is, indeed, what she said. in reply to kspidel #
  • @jerisisco A tan is just damaged skin. Who wants that? (Says Ms. Paley McPaleskin.) in reply to jerisisco #
  • Dinner: baked tofu & brown rice cooked in homemade peanut sauce. Dessert: homemade Mexican chocolate vodka soy pudding. Hello vodka! Yum! #
  • @fughawzi I hope it's nothing serious – take care, mm'kay? in reply to fughawzi #
  • @fughawzi That stuff IS pretty revolting. I threw mine up when I drank it a few weeks ago. Any word yet? I hope you're feeling better! in reply to fughawzi #
  • @random_michelle I love curry, but in peach salmon? That's just wrong. in reply to random_michelle #
  • @TranceJen Because hoarders will cut OCD folks for touching their stuff, which means blood to be cleaned up, thereby distracting Mr. OCD. in reply to TranceJen #
  • @TranceJen My roommate is a hoarder & it's a struggle, even for someone like me, who isn't a great housekeeper. Grrrr. Argh. #
  • @Janiece65 WooHoo! #
  • @TranceJen I wish you mucho, mucho luck. in reply to TranceJen #
  • @TranceJen I'm a pack rat, but I lost most of my stuff (including 98% of my beloved books) when I had to let my storage unit go. That hurt. in reply to TranceJen #
  • @TranceJen Well, it was either let the storage unit go unpaid or let my oldest cat die of diabetes because I couldn't pay for vet care. in reply to TranceJen #
  • @TranceJen As I'm an animal lover (and I love my pets a hell of a lot), there wasn't much choice for me. But it still stings. in reply to TranceJen #
  • @TranceJen Think your mother would allow you to sell some of her stuff on eBay? in reply to TranceJen #
  • @shawnp0wers Thanks for the heads up. I was going to test the "theory" of gravity by jumping off my roof, but now I don't have to. in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @shawnp0wers (I hope you're okay!) in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @xingcat WooHoo! Congratulations! in reply to xingcat #
  • At doctor's office for more testing, since constant abdominal pain/tenderness is not being caused by H. pylori. Whee? #
  • What could it be? Gall bladder? Liver? Kidneys? Only The Shadow knows! #
  • (The Shadow is my secret nickname for my doctor – she's slight & very light on her feet.) #
  • @Janiece65 Way to lower children's immunity so that the simplest of illnesses can lay them out. *sprains eyeballs* in reply to Janiece65 #
  • @Kayar Thank you. I hope so too! *crosses fingers* in reply to Kayar #
  • @MythBusters Poor Buster. It's almost sad, how sorry I feel for that hunk of ballistics gel & joints. in reply to MythBusters #
  • @mariancall If you wouldn't write so much excellent music, you wouldn't have that problem. So…stop that? in reply to mariancall #
  • @fughawzi What a horrible meal plan. Good luck w/ that & everything else – I hope they figure it out soon! in reply to fughawzi #
  • @fughawzi Aren't they? They really helped me last month when I was in the ER. It's amazing, knowing there are people out there who care. in reply to fughawzi #
  • @fughawzi And you know what? We do care. (((hugs))) in reply to fughawzi #
  • @fughawzi Still feeling abdominal pain/tenderness. Xrays & more blood tests today, gall bladder sonogram next week. in reply to fughawzi #
  • @fughawzi Doc thought it was H.pylori, but it's not, dammit. in reply to fughawzi #
  • @shawnp0wers Your mom is adorable. in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @Afsoon I love the Huntington. Have fun! in reply to Afsoon #
  • @bunnybink It'll be dreadfully, eventfully fabulous! in reply to bunnybink #
  • @random_michelle I would not recommend chewing on those marbles. I don't think they'll help. in reply to random_michelle #
  • @sotsogm @thc1972 @shawnp0wers @pie_r_round That would be freaking fantastic! I'd listen! in reply to sotsogm #
  • @fughawzi Nope, but going in for a gallstoneultrasound for at end of March. I'm not in horrible pain (most of the time), just VERY tender. in reply to fughawzi #
  • @fughawzi I have Kaiser. They're new to me, but waaaay better in only two months than my previous doctor/insurance was in 3 1/2 years. in reply to fughawzi #
  • @fughawzi No problem – I appreciate it! in reply to fughawzi #
  • This landing is gonna get pretty interesting. #
  • Define "interesting." #
  • "Oh, God, we're all gonna die?" #
  • It is 5:57am PST. Not only am I awake, I am showered, dressed & standing at a bus stop. Before work errands – whee? #
  • What's even more amazing: I woke up much later than I had intended. Didn't think I'd get out the door on time, but I managed it. Uh – yay? #
  • I may be finding PvP's current storyline probably funnier than I should: #
  • (The storyline starts here: #
  • Having a hell of a time focusing on work today. Think it's time for a little @drhorrible! (Seems to motivate me for some reason.) #
  • @Stonekettle @sotsogm Excuse me? Ahem. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @Stonekettle @sotsogm BTW, who said that? Cause I'm gonna have to kneecap him. I'm with the NC constitution. Lemme go check CA constitution. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @sotsogm @Stonekettle CA's constitution – Art. 9 Sec. 1: in reply to sotsogm #
  • @@sotsogm @Stonekettle Too many characters for Twitter. #
  • @Stonekettle I wonder if he's in OC or Fresno. Stupid fucking asshole. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @Stonekettle I'll take a look. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @Stonekettle Ten to one Ashburn is a bottom. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @Stonekettle I think @shawnp0wers would feel better if he got the $6m that I'm holding for him. Just need his bank acct info & it's all his! in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @redrummy Whadya know? Resistance really is futile. Huh. in reply to redrummy #
  • @sotsogm Yeah – Madonna's cover of "American Pie." Also, Madonna's cover of "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina." in reply to sotsogm #
  • @redrummy @sotsogm Karaoke is slightly different. For a professional musician (or "musician") to slaughter the hell out of a song is wrong. #
  • @sotsogm I don't dislike Madonna -I've rather liked some of her songs. But her cover of "AP" is very, very bad. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @sotsogm Also, Streisand should be shot for her cover of "Somewhere." Talk about missing the point. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @sotsogm @redrummy I haven't heard it, but that surprises me because I usually like PG. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @fughawzi BTW, that was me on Formspring asking about Holmes, Giles, 1984, etc. I hope you're doing better! #
  • RT @JohnLarroquette: A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.
    H. L. Mencken #
  • Running errands all over the damned place before meeting w/ CFN to head out to @cafeflourish's goodbye shindig. I'm really going to miss it. #
  • Matisse is getting spoiled.Turns out he LOVES his K/D canned food if I warm it up in oven for 5 minutes. Well, if it's getting him to eat… #
  • A 7-11 with no parked cars. I don't think I've ever seen such a thing. Are the End Times near? #
  • – A 7-11 with no parked cars. I don't think I've ever seen such a thing. Are the End Times near? #
  • It's raining. Again. It's been raining nearly every weekend this year thus far. Did I move to Seattle and not realize it? #
  • @Janiece65 WooHoo? Alas, this too shall pass. You may even survive it. in reply to Janiece65 #
  • Dear bus: While waiting under this bus shelter w/ an umbrella is simply awesome, you showing up now would rule. Kthxbai. #
  • Wow. I am so not wearing the right flats for this weather. Poor cold, wet feet. #
  • Well, this has been a highly annoying day. Also, bus? Get thee here! #
  • Aha! I summoned the bus & it appeared in under 5 minutes. My bus summoning powers via Twitter are indeed mighty! #
  • My other odd superpower: standing in a very short line at a business & having a long line form behind me. I've GOT to capitalize on that. #
  • At @cafeflourish's Customer Appreciation Day as it closes its doors. Sad to see it go, but happy it existed at all #
  • Gonna miss this weird wall hanging @cafeflourish. 😦 #
  • Off to another adventure today. Recommended to @cafeflourish's chef/owner that she write a cookbook. Seriously, that was damned good food. #
  • Today I had what was probably the best chocolate cake I've ever had, including my pre-vegan days. Religions were started for less. #
  • @random_michelle That's unpossible! That song was my introduction to Jonathan Coulton. LOVE! in reply to random_michelle #

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