get some rest. if you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.

Y’all may have noticed that my site was down for about a week. I’m sorry about that. My yearly hosting came due right when I was trying to pay for vet bills and, well, the site lost out for a little bit. But I’m paid up now, so there should be no blackouts. For at least a year, anyway.

What’s that? What about the vet bills I mentioned? Well, poor Matisse had been having a tough time of it earlier this year. Actually, it’s been since November, which I now realize I never wrote about. He’s getting to the point in his diabetes where his kidneys are being affected, which was discovered when he stopped eating and was not being his usual friendly self and ended up staying at the vet’s for a few days (in addition to a bladder infection, which is also not unusual for diabetic kitties with kidney problems). Matisse was put on a diet specific for cats with kidney issues (and, thankfully, the vet said that Edison and B.J. are old enough that they can eat the same food, because kidney issues may lie in their future too).

Matisse did quite well on the diet for a few months, then was not eating and listless (but not hiding, thank heavens) again in late January. Back to the vet. Another bladder infection, kidneys a little worse, but still manageable. Liquid antibiotics and vitamins ensued, along with an appetite stimulant (2x a day), this last of which he is still taking because he doesn’t eat much without it. As you can imagine, Matisse is not pleased with this medication.

Taken while still unwell, but starting to get better.
Taken while still unwell, but starting to get better.

To which I say, too bad. Go ahead and hate me for ten minutes two times a day. At least it gets him to eat.

I’ve had several friends – of both the UCF and non-UCF variety – lose beloved pets this year to ill health and house fire. I’m going to do what I can to make sure Matisse doesn’t join them.


My own health has been a little on the unpredictable side as of late. During the first week of February I went to the Kaiser Sunset ER with chest pressure/pains, trouble breathing and abdominal pains. I’d been feeling all of these symptoms since the beginning of the year. Thing is, the trouble breathing and chest pressure/pains were familiar to me, as I could easily put them down to stress and asthma, but the abdominal pains? Those were new. And aggravating. The best way to describe how I felt on the day I ended up going to the ER was it felt like someone was punching me in the side while sitting on my chest and occasionally stabbing it.

They kept me overnight and ran tests, including a lovely stress test where I was injected with something to simulate a treadmill test. That was pretty freaky, actually, but faded fairly quickly. Soon after I got back from that test and imaging, the ER internist said I was good to go home – my heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. looked all pretty and healthy and my blood levels were all exactly where they should be. So – yay! Nothing seriously wrong! Boo! Not knowing exactly what it was. He thought it was a muscular/skeletal virus that might have settled in the muscles.

Anywho, long story short (too late) I’ve since seen my new doctor (with whom I am more impressed in one visit than my previous doctor in three years) and she thinks I’ve got a bit of H. pylori happening. And since I have most of the symptoms (except weight loss and vomiting), it’s very likely she’s right. It would certainly explain my abdominal pain and being very hungry 1-2 hours after eating a hearty meal. I just have to bring in a stool sample (which needs to be frozen – eeww!) on Saturday.

So the whole “finally figuring out what’s wrong with me?” That’s of the good. So is the fact that I’ve been taking Prilosec on doctor’s orders since Friday and I haven’t had heartburn since then. Since I’ve been dealing with chronic heartburn on an almost daily basis since my late teens, this is a wonderful feeling indeed. I almost don’t know what to do with myself!

Here’s hoping for a healthy 2010 for all y’all and your pets.


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