Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03

  • CFN & I will be seeing SHERLOCK HOLMES today. Been avoiding reviews b/c I'm already kinda scared. Wish me luck. May it not completely suck. #
  • @jerisisco Alas, I am a huge Holmesian, so I am full of trepidation.I have no doubt it's fun, but true to the Sherlockian spirit? We'll see. #
  • @Kayar Yay! in reply to Kayar #
  • Saw SHERLOCK HOLMES.Fun movie, some nice touches. Downey fun to watch, but he is NOT Sherlock Holmes. Good English accent, though. #
  • Law is an acceptable Watson. Some liberties w/ the Canon I didn't much like, such as Holmes not knowing Mary Morstan before Watson's intro. #
  • Also, no doubt at all that it's a Guy Ritchie movie. #
  • Just made a tiny test batch of mac 'n' cheese using Daiya cheese & soy yogurt. Wow. A little bit of tweaking & it'll be perfect. #
  • It's after 3:30a & I'm having trouble falling asleep. Putting in one of CFN's commentaries (w/ Juliet Mills) – maybe his voice will help. #
  • I loved "Nanny and the Professor" growing up, so CFN moderating Juliet Mills is pretty cool for me. #
  • @hentosz Your go-to person for the "pride" emoticon is probably @Kayar. Also, yay! Congrats to your daughter! #
  • @kspidel I have the myTouch & I love it, but the non-physical keyboard may be a problem. G1 may work better. I LOVE HTC phones, though. #
  • @quarrygirl If grill was scraped/scrubbed before Boca Burger, I'd be okay-ish w/ that. Otherwise, Boca cooked on meat juice is worse. in reply to quarrygirl #
  • Charter needs a beat-down. Last two days wi-fi has worked if it felt like it, except in one spot: the living room sofa. WTF? #
  • My desk is closer to the router – what's up with the weird signal? Grrr. Arggh. #
  • @random_michelle I hope everything is okay with Grandmom. in reply to random_michelle #
  • Cool new CoolPix camera from CFN started to make weird clicky sounds. 😦 Returned it, but CFN noticed same camera at same place = $50 more. #
  • Probably could have gotten another Nikon CoolPix, but eye was caught by Panasonic Lumix.Actually takes better photos & has better zoom. Yay! #
  • @jerisisco Crap. Sue the city! Monetary & emotional damages! Must've gotten a bit of a neck ache too, I dare say. in reply to jerisisco #
  • CFN thinks that originally he must've been given wrong camera, if the price difference was so much.He prefers the zoom on new camera.Me too! #
  • @random_michelle @jerisisco Oh dear. That just sounds…painful. (I don't deal well with potholes. Parts of L.A. are full of 'em.) in reply to random_michelle #
  • Just got back from using $50 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card from boss. Got blender, crockpot & shower head. I LOVE Bed Bath & Beyond coupons! #
  • Setting off w/ CFN for what has been called the best vegan Reuben in L.A., then bowling. NYE FTW! #
  • Happy New Year to my East Coast tweeps! #
  • @Kayar What @thc1972, @sotsogm & @stonekettle said. I just don't understand that. in reply to Kayar #
  • It's Day #2 of the new decade – here's hoping this decade is a phenomenal one for all of us! #
  • @kspidel I guess driving out to the Burbank, CA Fry's would be too far, huh? Bright side: it's only 15 minutes from my place! in reply to kspidel #
  • @sotsogm That's concentrated evil. One drop of that could turn you all into hermit crabs. #

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