zombie printer…

…at least, that’s what I hope to get when all is said and done.

I have an Epson CX5400 which hasn’t worked in about three years. Mind you, it should work: the ink is new, the heads move back and forth, all of the mechanics seem just fine. It just refuses to print words upon paper.

I’m loathe to just toss it. I’m positive that it’s an easy fix. There does seem to be a way to fix it myself (taking it in for repair would most likely cost more than I paid for it in 2004), but I’m not about to take it apart. I have neither the mechanical know-how nor the patience. But I have ordered a head cleaning kit which may do the trick. If it does, yay! I’ll hand it off to someone who can use it, since I have a new Lexmark x4850, which I got for an excellent price and which works wonderfully. The kit only cost me $9.95 plus S&H. If not, well, then I’ve only sunk in $9.95 plus S&H and will be finally willing to take it to my local electrical waste site, where it will join the old CRT monitors and desktops (minus the hard drives I’ve removed) that I got rid of a couple of weeks ago.

*crosses fingers*

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  1. Epsons are notorious for having jammed inkheads. I reached a point where I wasn’t doing a whole lot of printing anymore, and I had to waste ink cleaning the heads (usually twice) every time. So I got a Canon. 😉 Now I still don’t do much printing, but use the scanner a lot.


    1. Apparently this particular Epson is a pain in the ass. I wish I had researched it before I bought it, but it was actually an impulse buy. Oops! I haven’t tried the head cleaner that I bought yet. Maybe this weekend.


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