Is this thing on?

As has been painfully obvious, I have not been in the writing mood lately. Hence the automated weekly Twitter posts that keeps this blog from being completely barren of content – though I’m not sure if a week’s worth of tweets can be considered “content.” I believe “filler” would be the appropriate word.

Because my brain has been singularly barren of anything resembling creativity of late, I’ve decided to sign up for Holidailies 2009 (hence the festive button at the top of my left column). For those who are unfamiliar with Holidailies, the idea is to post a minimum of twenty entries from December 7th through January 6th, though daily posting is preferable. I’ve participated twice in the past – 2003 and 2004. I’ve got to find some way to jolt me out of my creative ennui. I also have to make sure that I don’t wimp out and use photos and links to videos for the majority of my posts. I’ve set myself to make sure that at least half of my entries contain actual writing. Writing that is done by me.

I’ve done it before. I’m positive that I can do it again.




  1. Thanks, Tom. I appreciate it.

    If you want to try to jump-start your blogging, registration for Holidailies is open until tomorrow. So far it seems to be working for me. And I’ll mosey over and read you too!


  2. Well, thanks for the suggestion, but I think there’ll be no registration for me. I will, however, try to find something interesting to post. And I’ll try to make it cheery, which is not normally my Christmasw mood.


  3. Hmmm… I think I’d prefer it if there weren’t weekly Twitter feeds, especially since I already have you on Twitter. It makes it hard to find the “real” posts.


    1. I think if I posted more often I’d be less inclined to have the weekly Twitter feeds, but since a number of my readers aren’t on Twitter, I thought this would be kinda interesting to them. Can’t have them missing ANY of my little bon mots! 😉


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