symphony of science – “our place in the cosmos”

Okay, I know I just wrote that I was going to resist the urge to post photos and videos to wuss out on my commitment to post something here on a regular basis, but since I neglected to post this video when it was first released last month, I realized that I HAD to post it today.

The Symphony of Science released another lovely video: “Our Place in the Cosmos.”

The opening strains bring to mind a nice Barry White groove, which is strengthened by the first voice heard – deep, gravely (yet English accented) tones:
With every century
Our eyes on the universe have been opened anew
We are witness
To the very brink of time and space

For all you geek boys who are interested in a geek girl (especially one into all things space related), but have no idea how to make the first move, I strongly recommend that you play this video for her. Aw, yeah. I can imagine lots of little baby astronomers being conceived to this:

THAT’S hawt.

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