Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • @DiamondBearJoe You may have gotten the answer, but if not: M.I.A. – Paper Planes? in reply to DiamondBearJoe #
  • @Kayar @random_michelle is right – background checks for JPL required searching for work & address info I hadn't thought of in many years. #
  • Checking Twitter. Jealous of Emmy-watchin', online-radio listenin' (& hostin') folks while I'm on bus stuck in traffic south of Bakersfield. #
  • Sigh. #
  • Next time I visit family up north, I'm taking an earlier bus/train for the return trip. #
  • Just passed reason for traffic. Looked like semi cargo had caught fire – entire side of truck looked torn away & burnt.Hope no one was hurt. #
  • @pie_r_round Thank you. Should be home around 10p – CuteFilmNerd will be picking me up & I can't wait. Hope you had a good show! #
  • @random_michelle You may go home. The goddess has so decreed. in reply to random_michelle #
  • – Oh, how I love these! #
  • @Kayar I'm sorry. That totally sucks (says Mistress Obvious). #
  • @erong Sure, if Summer Glau had @wilw's beard. in reply to erong #
  • @Stonekettle Heard that on Stephanie Miller this morning.Had just gotten my brain successfully bleached.May now have to break out brain lye. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @jodywhitesides Good question. One I've been pondering for some time. in reply to jodywhitesides #
  • @Kate_Baker That author is an pompous , pretentious pinhead. in reply to Kate_Baker #
  • @Stonekettle I used to work for a commercial furniture manufacturer, so I can't say I have much sympathy. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @Stonekettle Four years later & I still have to resist turning over chairs to see if they were manufactured by Falcon or Shelby Williams. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @Stonekettle Yes, it is a sickness. I LOVE my current office chair, though. And it's not Aeron. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @Kayar I've got an armchair that folds out into a yacht. It's pretty cool. Wish it turned into a '66 convertible Mustang, though. in reply to Kayar #
  • @thc1972 Eh. Herman Miller is ok. Mine is an ECD Trudeau and it's fantastic! in reply to thc1972 #
  • @Kayar Manual. Automatic runs the risk of shorting out underwater. in reply to Kayar #
  • @jerisisco That's why I wait until I get to marina before I unfurl it. Kind of a bitch to take on bus, though, even in its unfurled state. in reply to jerisisco #
  • @udarnik C) Are comped thanks to really nice boss who knows people in high places. Not that it happened to me with Paris Hotel in Vegas. #
  • @Kate_Baker Yay! #
  • @shawnp0wers Hi there, Shawn! @Kayar Why are you still up? #
  • @Kayar One at a time? That's painful. #
  • At local DMV to replace stolen license. Line just to get # is out the door & this is one of quieter DMVs in L.A. 1:30p on Fri = bad timing. #
  • I just sat down & already feel like it's been an eternity. # is far down list & DMV is packed. Renewing license in April was so much easier. #
  • Come to think of it, I had a morning appt in April. This time I didn't want to wait 2 wks for appt. #
  • Wondering if I can pull a Michael Keaton at end of BEETLEJUICE. Nah – don't wanna get head shrunk. #
  • Zzzzzzzz… #
  • Aaaand I'm done. 1 1/2 hours. Had to school only one person that being impatient & rude is not acceptable . I consider it a victory. #

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