thinking about it…

While I’m firmly on the heterosexual team, there have been some women for whom I’ve considered switch-hitting: Gillian Anderson, Queen Latifah, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Heather Graham (but only from Lenny Kravitz’s music video “American Woman” and Scrubs) and SarriahNeighbor (see point #3).

I think I may have added someone onto the list:



Even more amazing – she’ll be 60 next month. 60! I should look so good now!

I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list…

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  1. A big part of the reason Sigourney Weaver is so appealing: her talent, versatility, intelligence and strength. I loved her in Aliens, Galaxy Quest and The Ice Storm. She’s also got amazing comedic timing that isn’t taken advantage of enough, in my opinion (Galaxy Quest is a prime example). But, while I’ve always recognized that she’s gorgeous, the photo above put her firmly on my switch hitter list.

    I guess I’m more shallow than I realized. But she wouldn’t have even gotten close to the list if it weren’t for her other fine qualities.


  2. Damn. How’d I miss her the other night? Not that it will ever happen, but I should look half that good when I get to 60!
    I am so with you on this one!


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