Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • Yet another highly annoying day. Also, I'm really hating Burbank at the moment. #
  • Calmed down a bit, thanks to comic store browsing/purchase & reading said purchase while sipping a iced soy chai latte. #
  • UCers, your prolific tweets make me laugh & curse my inability to respond to each one on my lil' flip phone. #
  • Also, UCFers, I want to squeeze you all, regardless of presence of trollop outfits or lack of boobies. #
  • @bunnybink Green with excitement is much better than green with food poisoning. What causes the excitement, pray tell? #
  • @pie_r_round You're very welcome! in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @thc1972 The feeling is very much mutual! in reply to thc1972 #
  • RT @abc7: Popcorn may actually help prevent cancer because it has large levels of antioxidants called polyphenols — #
  • WooHoo! CuteFilmNerd & I are never going to get cancer! Thank you, movie theater popcorn! (We eat a lot of it.) #
  • @BrentSpiner I am not me. I am actually my evil twin Skippy. in reply to BrentSpiner #
  • @Janiece65 Thank you! I know they'll be phenomenal! in reply to Janiece65 #
  • @pie_r_round I've seen @Janiece65 knit hats in person. It's actually hypnotizing. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • @sotsogm Hope that's not the case. & your muse returns. Mine is gone – can't get myself to write more than tweets & occasional blog posts. in reply to sotsogm #
  • @Kate_Baker Crossing fingers and sacrificing Gardein Fake Chicken! in reply to Kate_Baker #
  • @sarriahq7 There's space in your bedroom? You can walk around and stuff now? #
  • @shawnp0wers But…SDO is Goddard!-based! Noooo! (Still pretty cool, though.) in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @shawnp0wers Wow. That's just…wrong. *blech* in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @shawnp0wers And that is just wronger. Strangely no longer hungry or thirsty. in reply to shawnp0wers #
  • @kspidel That's politics for you. I've managed to avoid being dragged back, but I don't know how long that'll last. in reply to kspidel #
  • @Stonekettle @scalzi Mmmm, I think I need some deep fried pickles. Maybe I'll make some tonight. in reply to Stonekettle #
  • @sotsogm I..uh..they..WTF??!!! BTW, @pie_r_round, the people you reference tend to breed like crazy. Scary, I know. in reply to sotsogm #
  • I really should never start reading Cracked's "Weird Shit" lists. Because then I will NEVER STOP! #
  • Crap. Haven't had to take Ativan for months, but just took 1/2 of one because today I'm all sorts of jittery anxious. Thanks, stupid brain. #
  • Made fried breaded dill pickle spears. Tastebuds = happy. Stomach = not happy. Hello, Pepto Bismol! #
  • @bunnybink Got nothing for sore muscles, but how about fried dill chips @ Pure Luck? #
  • RIP, Senator Kennedy. You will most definitely be missed. #
  • *hands @random_michelle tea and soup of her choice* #
  • RT @NathanFillion: Do something great today for someone else. Let someone in your lane, call your grandma, do someone's chores. #
  • Received my BonBon Bar shipment yesterday. Today am trying to not eat all salted chocolate nut caramels in one sitting. I may not succeed. #
  • @thc1972 @Janiece65 The chocolate is at home, thank heavens. It's the caramels that are so tempting to me here at work. I will be strong… in reply to thc1972 #
  • While not nearly as momentous as Kennedy's passing, Dominick Dunne died today as well. Whoa. #
  • @omarg Nothing against Dunne, but it's because Kennedy's death is far more momentous. in reply to omarg #
  • @omarg It's the Farrah Fawcett/MJ deaths all over again. This time w/ someone worthwhile taking the attention. (Not an MJ fan here.) in reply to omarg #
  • @mariancall But, but my responses are the most important responses @BrentSpiner will ever get! Doesn't he realize that?! [/sarcasm] in reply to mariancall #
  • 1st we get smoke/ashes from Asuza (, now we see smoke from closer fire in JPL's backyard ( Whee? #
  • @GreenAndGreener Good places for pizza w/ vegan cheese:Purgatory ( & Cruzer ( use Daiya cheese. in reply to GreenAndGreener #
  • @danweiser Your reaction just proves that you're sane. #
  • Once again, I was not home to watch @wilw. #Leverage will be rerun this week, won't it? #
  • @Kayar Would it be selfish of me to hope you get the LB job? CA needs more UCFers! #
  • @jodywhitesides As long as there is skill & talent involved, I find them equally credible. in reply to jodywhitesides #
  • @pie_r_round @sotsogm I just threw up in my mouth a little. I turn my back on you for making me imagine Limbaugh's foreskin, even a little. in reply to pie_r_round #
  • Los Angeles is bursting into flame. Three brush fires, one not terribly far from my place. Hot time tonight. #
  • Mind you, no danger or evacuation warnings right now, but still keeping alert. #
  • @GraceD Thanks, hon. Staying inside helps. Air quality @ JPL has been bad since yesterday w/ two nearby fires. Now getting bad in my 'hood. #
  • @GraceD *hugs* #
  • Fire closest to me has shifted to opposite direction. Good for my 'hood, bad for 'hoods closer to JPL. #
  • Keeping those folks (& folks in all affected areas) in my thoughts. #
  • @DanteAtkins I hope you're not expecting reason/logic from Beck. He's arguably insane. #
  • @DanteAtkins I was being nice, but you're right. Beck is certifiably insane & shouldn't be allowed outside w/o an attendant. #
  • Regular Friday off. Planned on house chores. Have only done 2 loads of laundry. Heat has got me dragging. Not meant for triple digit temps. #
  • Last night = rough. At CFN's very warm place. Trouble breathing/inhaler didn't work. Ativan didn't help w/anxiety caused by short breathing. #
  • CFN & I came back to my cooler place, where I used daily inhaler & sinus meds. That + cooler room (& 2nd Ativan) = better breathing & sleep. #
  • Four hours of sleep are better than nothing, right? Breathing deeply is best of all. #
  • @shawnp0wers Heh. No kidding. And thanks! #
  • @thc1972 I agree – oxygen is doubleplus good. I'm sure the poor air quality from the nearby brush fire isn't helping. #
  • @thc1972 Also, thank you. *hug* #
  • @random_michelle What a most excellent suggestion! I think I shall! #
  • @random_michelle I hope you feel better mucho, mucho soon! *air hugs* #
  • @shawnp0wers Maybe @random_michelle is watching BRIAN'S SONG? Btw, the football player also dies every time. #
  • @pie_r_round Wish I had @random_michelle's ebola. That will go away (really soon, I hope). I just got asthma in a really hot, smokey place. #
  • @random_michelle No explosions im BRIAN'S SONG, but it has reputation for being OLD YELLER for macho men. All the football & guy friendship. #
  • @thc1972 Evil! EEEEVIIIIL!!! #
  • @random_michelle Don't care much for things blowed up real good ('cept Mythbusters), but I love the swashling of bucks! Basil Rathbone FTW! #
  • @shawnp0wers There, there. It'll be okay. Go watch BRIAN'S SONG. It'll cheer you right up. #
  • Add'l evacs ordered for La Canada Flintridge fire. Concerned b/c I know people from work who live in those areas. #
  • Tweeples, please keep them (and everyone in all affected areas) in your thoughts. #

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