doing’ some self-pimpin’

Recently I mentioned the food blog of my good friend Polarbeast. I’ve been friends with Polarbeast (aka Dave) and his lovely wife Bianca since we were theater geek upstarts in our high school days. In other words, a pretty long time (I’ll leave it to you to guess the number of years — and be nice).

Polarbeast has got a mean yet coaxing way with words and certainly doesn’t need the likes of me to bring on the word pwnage. Despite that, he has asked, should I be in the mood, to contribute a guest restaurant review. I came close once before, taking notes and photos at the late, lamented Vegan Spot, but I never got around to actually writing the damned thing.

Finally I reviewed Café Flourish and I didn’t even have to take notes. Everything about my favorite sandwich — the BLTA — is imprinted indelibly on my taste-buds.

Go on and check out both my entry and, if you’re in L.A., the restaurant. Also, take a long, meandering stroll through Dining in L.A. Good words about good food are always fun to read.

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