flower/garden pr0n – huntington botanical gardens…

On Sunday my dear friend Boychik came up from San Diego to visit and to introduce me to his new boyfriend. CuteFilmNerd and I ended up double-dating for the day, starting off eating at My Vegan in Pasadena (thanks to the aforelinked recommendation in Friend Polarbeast’s restarurant blog), then we hied over to The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. We only had time for a brief overview of the gardens, which means that CuteFilmNerd and I will have to go back soon to see even more (and take even more photos). Mind you, I’ve been to the Huntington several times (my first time being a kamikaze film shoot in ’92 with the filmmaker I was dating at the time [I also spent the day there with my dear friend Linda and my mom the first year Linda visited the U.S.]) , but it never stops being gorgeous. I’m sure there are still parts of it I still haven’t seen.

Naturally, I took photos, starting with the parking lot:

Huntington_8-16-09a 054

Here are my favorites (there are many):

Huntington_8-16-09a 006a Huntington_8-16-09 047a Huntington_8-16-09 042a Huntington_8-16-09 037a Huntington_8-16-09 008a Huntington_8-16-09 003a Huntington_8-16-09 051Huntington_8-16-09 041 Huntington_8-16-09 025 Huntington_8-16-09 024 Huntington_8-16-09 021 Huntington_8-16-09 018 Huntington_8-16-09 005 Huntington_8-16-09 012 Huntington_8-16-09 007

And, of course, the narcissist and her honey:
Huntington_8-16-09 038a Huntington_8-16-09 044

(Obviously, I am putting my new-to-me camera to good use. Thank you again, Michelle!)


  1. Carol;

    Wow, eight months later you reply to my (by now) long forgotten comment. Nice to hear from you — and yes, you’ve correctly deduced the identity of that irritating young director. This is quite an impresive website you’ve got.

    Ten years — amazing.

    Thanks for tuning in.


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