rapunzel, rapunzel…

…aw crap, now it’s too short to climb.

Actually, my hair, while very long on occasion, has never been long enough to climb. And last Friday it got a little bit shorter:

Front View
Front View
Side View
Side View

I had 3-4 inches chopped off because I was tired of it being so, well, dead and frizzy. My hair went through a lot when I filmed the Dominck Dunne show in March (btw, it looks like my episode might air in September – I’ll keep my eyes open and let y’all know) and though I managed to keep it from being totally ruined when I stripped out the dark color and redyed it auburnish, it was still looking kinda sad. Plus it was just getting in my way whenever I’d bend down and was annoying the crap out of me. Mind you, it’s still long and getting in my way, but not as badly and not as annoyingly.

Of course, it no longer looks so smooth and shiny. That was the hairdresser’s work (done for the special occasion of taking my sweetie out for his birthday and showering him with tons of love, food and presents). I have no patience to spend time getting my hair looking so smooth, so this is how it looks now:


Not much different in style, but definitely shorter.

And just because, here’s CuteFilmNerd from Friday night:


Happy belated birthday, CuteFilmNerd! I love you!


  1. CuteFilmNerd is cute. I just got 2-3 inches lopped last week too. Of course, mine is now chin level, since it was much shorter to start with… I hate the shiny straight look I have after I get out of the salon (is Hair Cuttery a salon?). I look like I have a little mushroom head. Bleah.


  2. Hubba hubba! You have lovely hair. I wish for long wavy hair – will never have it, mine is so fine and flossy and the ends split at shoulder length – but I can enjoy it vicariously through you and Anne. 🙂


  3. neurondoc, I agree – CuteFilmNerd is cute. And a sweetheart of a guy. I think I’ll keep him. I haven’t had chin level hair in ten years. I’ve gotten so used to the long hair again that I’m not willing to give it up just yet.

    Thank you, Jeri! I admit, my hair is one of my favorite features. I’m pretty lucky in that regard. For years, though, my hair was stick straight (though still thick). It’s only been in the last few years that there’s been any wave to it, which is why I try to encourage it as much as possible. I love having wavy hair.


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